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Hair Of

Level III Draconian
Player is Linkdead
that bit Banba!
creation date
Before 1997
Linkdead for 1 hour
5y, 275d, 2h, 9min and 2s
last save
1 hour ago
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Hair is an imposing 7 foot tall vampire.  His skin is perfectly white and
smooth.  Not from any particular care, but because of a lack of blood to
animate the flesh.  You notice, however, that his lips look very soft, and
you can see the tips of gleaming white fangs.  He has hypnotic blue eyes,
and long, lustrous dark brown hair, down to the middle of his back.

Hair's Plan

Send me a tell if you are interested in joining tf+.  This is a
society for those who use the MUD client TinyFugue or are interested
in TF trigger and script coding.

Lythlandria tells you 'and you come across as someone who would cheat'

Latest blog entry

While waiting for the Barbarian Blood Bowl to start...

Tume grumbles 'can you summon ranger cloak here? :D.'
Neclord looks at himself.
You 'hmmmm' for a moment....

3 years ago (18.02.2014 02:13)

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hey, your web desc has you described as a vampire, yet your race is now satyr. update or be assimilated! -banba

1 year ago (08.01.2016 17:29)