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Magiscus's Plan

Before contacting your friendly neighbourhood masterbard find and read the
instructions at the guild.
Achievement unlocked: Kill Henry as an entry bardtank!

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EQ that would interest me:

- wis ankh
- An exquisitely crafted short sword...

2 years ago (30.10.2016 20:00)

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You bow lowly.
You exclaim 'Hello!'
Zugzug waves you goodbye.
You ask 'Are you fighters?'
Zugzug tells you 'both rangers'
You exclaim 'Thats nice!'
You smile happily.
Zugzug tells you 'wanna party with us?'
You ask 'Did you just killed all those butterflies?'
Drindolin looks at you.
Drindolin grumbles 'yes.'
You stare calmly at Drindolin.
You exclaim 'Then i considr you as my friends!'
You clap.
Zugzug tells you 'we did'
You exclaim 'I have a special offer for you!'
Zugzug asks 'what's that?'
You ask 'Wanna hear it?'
Drindolin grumbles 'speak.'
You say 'I got magic bandages for sale.'
Zugzug asks 'what do those do?'
You exclaim 'If you buy some now for me I`ll show you nice place to test it!'
You say 'They protect you from instant death burt only once.'
Drindolin grumbles 'this sounds like a jack and the bean stalk story.'
You point at your own bandage.
Zugzug looks at you.
Drindolin leaves west.
Drindolin arrives from west.
You say 'There is secret place at butterfly farm.'
You wink suggestively.
Drindolin looks at you.
Zugzug asks 'the downstairs past juniper?'
You sniff sadly.
You say 'Yes.'
You scratch your head.
Zugzug booms 'i've been but i don't know how to open the door.'
You say 'So you know it...'
You smile enigmatically.
You say 'I do.'
Zugzug offers you membership to party: Keg Party.
You step to the left side of 1st row and start following the leader.
Zugzug [party]: <=> drin where'd u go? <=>
Drindolin starts following the leader.
Zugzug [party]: <=> oh nvm <=>

On the lowest branches of the tree.
A smallish wooden door (closed) leads north.
Obvious exits are: nw, ne and d.
Jeppi [party]: I am not a fighter.
Zugzug guides you to the middle of 2nd row.

In the treehouse.
A smallish wooden door (open) leads south.
Obvious exits are: n and s.

In the treehouse.
Obvious exits are: s and d.

Drindolin [party]: sorry tv
Jeppi [party]: Sir, what about our deal?

Secret chamber in the tree trunk.
Obvious exits are: u and d.

Zugzug [party]: <=> how much are the bandages? <=>
Jeppi [party]: I`ll sell first for one for 50gold. Next ones will be more expensive!
You rub your hands greedily.
Zugzug [party]: <=> good god it's like heroin <=>
You smile calmly.
Zugzug gives you 5 platinum coins.
Jeppi [party]: Its a good offer and i am good person!
You smile happily!
You give a bandage to Zugzug.
Zugzug looks at bandage.
Jeppi [party]: Thank you so much!!!
Zugzug [party]: <=> do i just use the bandage as a regular one in first aid? <=>
Jeppi [party]: To be honest its normal bandage. I lied.
Zugzug [party]: <=> whatever, 50 gold is still cheaper than the shops lol <=>
Jeppi [party]: But before yoy kill me let me explain!!
Zugzug grins as if planning to eat Worm alive.
Drindolin laughs out loud.
Zugzug [party]: <=> go on <=>
Jeppi [party]: Do you know batshoppe webpage and wiki-batmud? You can check these sites for most of eq stats or just areas where you can get them.
Zugzug [party]: <=> familiar with batwiki <=>
Jeppi [party]: That may help you avoid fraud or simple missunderstoods.

2 years ago (19.05.2016 19:10)