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Help: Weapon blowpipe.txt

BLOWPIPE (ranged) ================= Weight: ~1kg Rank(s): any Blowguns, or blowpipes, are long, hollow tubes composed of wood or metal, ranging from four to seven feet in length. They are used to fire darts, needles, and pellets. The weapons date back to primitive times, when they were used mostly for hunting. Blowguns may have had a part in the invention of guns, since the blowgun demonstrated that one end of a tube needs to be closed off in order for the propelling force to shoot the missile in the proper direction. Tribes still exist, especially primitive peoples in tropical jungle cultures, that use the blowgun. In most cases, these tribes are not advanced in terms of inventions, especially weapons of war. Some tribes use stands to brace their blowguns. See also: Arrow, bolt, shuriken, shortbow, composite bow, longbow, light crossbow, medium crossbow and heavy crossbow.

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