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Full Version: early 1990's
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Spok hits you with lava storm!

Amazing that this mud seems to stll be alive and my first virtual identity is still existing in it's database. Any other OLD pigeon kickers here?
I started in 1993 when I entered college, and discovered the internet. I am guessing I started around April 1993. I took a break in 97 when i left college, and came back in 2000 when I got a state job. So yes there are a few of us around.

Request: Bring Back Dog Fighters, and Death's Perry.

I started here in around 93 aswell.

Now mainly going around beeing an oldbie thinking stuff that its a bit fun having ppl on my friendslist who havent been online for 14 years.

Even tho i hve been known to actually play now and then
Started also back in the day, and nowadays it seems when checking out my friend list with my current char (suicided a few back in the day when got bored :-P ) I still get years of offline or no such player :D .
Yep. Also started in 93; played through 96. Relogged in in the early '00's and was amazed my character/login info was still there; ditto just now today (though both times I think I screwed up reinc.)

The new client's pretty slick but it'll take me awhile to get a good grasp of things again! Ah, bein' a newbie all over again.

But I met so many cool folks here; I'd love to run into some of y'all once more!
I too started (iirc) back about 1993, while I was in college. Played a while, stopped, found out my character still existed maybe 10 years later and logged back in, played a couple years, and now it's been 2 years+ since I was last in the game, but my character still exists.

The game was a lot of fun and I may try to play again soon
I was here as well back in 1991, I think. Lost interest after one too many reincs. Logged in today and it says it's been 8 years since my last login, so I'm impressed they've kept my old account around so long.
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