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Even though this forum doesn't seem very busy, i will try to start a small discussion here.

I read in the Monk guide that Kiai-cry is basically a waste of ep. I get the same response in game when i ask the few monks that are sometimes around about the skill. None of them seem to use it at all.

What is the problem with the skill, and how can it be improved?

As it stands now, apparently all monks open combat with a regular skill. I feel there should be a combat-opener, a skill that can only be used out of combat, with some unique effect, that makes it superior over regular skills.

I'll wait for someone to explain what exactly the skill currently does before suggesting what it could do :)

- Vanya
the current skill (which totally rocks in a - omg this is a waste of ep but i'm forcing my 2-3man party to wait while i do it anyway - sort of way) is similar to battlecry or whatever those blockhead barbarians do. you use it, wait a few seconds, and then you attack the mob and stun it. the issue is, its 50(?) ep, and even with a nice high percent, it fails (still aggroing mob of course) a god awful lot, and even when it does hit and you get a short and sexy message(always assumed a couple of the short ones were better than that long hit em in the nuts/head/arm/whatever message), it still barely stuns the mob, 1 round if you're lucky.

where as! controlled motion+iron palm does the same no aggro bit, and actually does a bit of damage instead of just wasting your ep, though iron palm will probably fail anyway.
Kiai-cry is one of the famous tunes where superpowerful skill was tuned to utmost crap making it totally useless.

So it does not really stun, makes little damage, takes 50ep, fails a lot.
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