Here's an old mail I found from him...

From: Welwood
Date: Tue Nov 19 08:19:19 2002
Subject: mail ramjett
hey dude I was just hangin out and thought about the idea that I had few days
back that I couldnt remember like 3 days ago when we were talking. I hadparty
say thematrix summoned me!**tell penis fucker dont fucking summon me when in a
fucking party you cocksmoking dicklover tell grizzt hey dude can are you near
bc, cock fucking summoned me while I right mail tell penis go away, I cant
party now fucker if I need homosexual party members I'll give you a tell later
and we'll kill shit * * q

tell friends how do I get out of this mail thing

help mail tell penis you fucked up my shit and now I cant fucking get out of
mail fucker * q *q quit bat help tell favorit dude do you know about mail?
quit *q n

tell penis test