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Full Version: Online Cartoon Addiction
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QUOTE(vash @ Nov 28 2006, 06:23 PM) [snapback]109[/snapback]

I second the Perry Bible Fellowship link. Other favorites of mine include:

Questionable content
The Noob
Ghastly's Ghastly comic (Even though it's kind of on hiatus right now, the back archives are really REALLY NSFW, but great.)
Here are my comics: Sinfest - making fun of religions and culture Dilber - the engineer that everyone loves CAD - The gaming comic Strip tease - Story about comicmakers that are quite the loosers Finnish only - IT firman elämää Order of the Stick - Fucking up the D&D system The Noob Comic - Ohforfu(cks sake) starts to play a mmorpg.
I dont know if i should be worried or not because i have 90% the same online comics as Jutom.

Well here are the few ones that differ:
Hair has some good web comics on it too.

Toothpaste for dinner is my favorite.

Dreadlord - Gone with the Blastwave, post nuclear war-comic. - Sexy losers, nomen est omen.
I had never seen Gone with the Blastwave before, but I love it.
I forgot one:

Partially Clips
QUOTE(Froggy @ Dec 11 2006, 08:29 AM) [snapback]508[/snapback]

I forgot one:

Partially Clips

That one is awesome too.
In addition to some of those mentioned already, here's some I read regularly
Finnish only, Tuukka Virtaperko:
Dinosaur comics:

Have to say that Married to the sea was the funniest thing I've stumbled upon in a long, long time.

Is a nice one it has been running from 2000 so its a lot to read there are downlodable as pdf too if you check the blog

Well worth a read tho.
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