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Is the archer guild actually open yet? I noticed the information for it on the web page but did a search for it on the bat client but didn't see it...
Yes I believe the archer guild is open, its located near Arelium. I was going to confirm that but it looks like all the map sites are dead as slash and burn mentality takes over.

As for what archers are supposed to do I have no idea. The guild didn't seem to be formally announced as open and beyond the skill descriptions its a complete mystery.

Can anyone enlighten me on what role the archer is supposed to play in the game? Are they are skill based front rank guild or a second rank blaster type?

The guild hall is available to look at but currently it's not open. When you try to join, I think it gives some message about not having permission to or some such. I spoke with Shinarae a month or two back and he said they should be open to nomads in January.

So my question about archer: what does it synergize well with for a 2-guild combo?\

Archers as a good second guild or combo. I woud think it would have to be beastmasters or Cavaliers. I am guesssing you can shoot while mounted, and I would think that would be the best combo, but since it is not in the game I am just speculating.

With most tanking guilds you want to be in the front of the line. It seem archers want to be middle or rear of party. If this is true then Beastmasters would be the logical fit. Maybe better shots since riding on hire mounts you can shoot over people towards the target.

Crimson's have to lead, and would be too busy defending. Barb to busy whacking, and rangers Blading or swinging there axes around.
The glory of the skill hop back allows us daring devils to use our fabulous archeristic skills from the front row!

The guild is open, west of the of the crimson guild, and would seemingly combo with erm, anything but barb, well, maybe not terribly well with crimson, meh i dont know! :D
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