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Full Version: Help logging back in to the game.
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I haven't logged into the game in about 4 plus years, and now that I have some time again, I would like to start playing again in my spare time (I saw my brother playing and it brought back the good old times)

Today when trying to connect to the server at my home network I got the following message:

The BatMUD user password database has been compromised,
and your address does not match a previously known address
for this character. Please try connecting from networks you have
logged in from the past, or contact
Please remember to mention the name of your character in any emails.

The name of my character is Klusfer, and unfortunately I can not log in from my prior network of 4 years ago due to the changing of my isp as well as upgrading from dial-up to cable modem.

I am unsure how I would be able to log in now as I do not see anything on the telnet client or website to change a password of a character and when I type the password the character is currently set at, all I get is this error message then I get disconnected from the server.

I tried sending out an email, but did not get a response as of yet. Does anyone know rough abouts how long it takes to get a response as I do not want to keep sending emails, or if there is a better way of going about being able to log back into my character? Sorry, like I said I've been out of the loop for many many years and am unsure if there is anything that can be done or not.

Thanks in advance.

About same problem here too. Sent an e-mail yesterday but no luck yet.

Normally they respond in few days. Bur currently there is a problem with some lost data so I don't know is admins (archwizards) have time to read mails.
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