I'm not a mage, so theres's a limit to what I can say about the new guilds.

The base guild at level 10 gives:
fabs to 100%
mastery of shielding to 40%
invis to 100%
ceremony to 50%
No floating disc. :(

Summary: Decent uptune in flexibility for newbie mages, and people who don't want to be full conjus. Newbies will still have the spr problems of all low level mages.

Inner circle must be level 10 in the base guild an either max channu, or psi, or maxed in one of the type guilds. Inner circle gives most of the old basic conju effects. Conjure element looks to let you gain access to the old greater prot effects

I can't get access to the new type training rooms. What I remember is:

Elec: Fast, cheap spell to make metal items float after them.
Acid: Spell to burn locks. Dunno if this works on doors. If so, mage is quite nice for newbie explorers now.