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Full Version: hc-bat client help
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I am interested in playing hc-bat, but embarrassingly enough, I am
not hardcore enough to be willing to play without color :) I have never
been able to sift through all the text without it.

For some reason all the color commands I use (ansi player blue)
throw this error:
Only ansic terminals support this.

I'm not sure how to convince it that my terminal is ansic compatiable..

I am running a tintin++ client (1.98) on xterm... I tried setting my
TERM variable to "ansic" and to "ansi" but no go...

I have never had any trouble getting color with this setup on the various
other muds I have tried..

Thanks for any advice or help anyone can provide!


Batmud has also term command, try term ansic in batmud.
Hey, thanks worked like a charm!
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