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Full Version: zMUD vs. Batclient
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I've been registered back in 2006, played for a day and quit because I didn't have the time to learn. I came back to the game yesterday, still not having time (I'm serving in the Israeli Defense Force), but I have nothing better to do on my free time, so I decided to pick this up again.

My 'oldschool' friends suggest zMUD but this new Batclient looks neat.

What do you guys say?
Oh shit this again.

Let the flame wars begin.

Zmud has mapper, batclient has outworld map that shows your location. Batclient is also still under developement. Both have nice set of premade triggers. Batclient is free Zmud costs.

If you use Linux also TinyFuge is nice and has good premade triggers.

I personally like the Javalike syntax for triggers in batclient instead of Zmud syntax that I would need to learn.
I've used Zmud to play all my other Muds and its great! BUT!

Batmud Client was made for Batmud and with being able to use a Realm map that shows all locations around you and even cooler it shows where ALL your party members are at all time!

It also lets you see your parties + Your hp/mp/ep ALL the time you don't have to keep typing something in all the time to see how you friends a doing. It has a nice Triggers section and lots of stuff I havn't even looked at yet PLUS a constant Mini-map.

This is the first client and mud i've ever played where I havn't got lost at some point or another. Even when i'm taken somewhere I havn't been before.

For Batmud, Batclient wins.
Neither of them. I like to use tintin++. Its like tinyfugue, but better :) I like the scripting system.
I use zmud for all others, but batclient I love the map and all the other things that I would have to run scripts for in zmud, such as party window and status bars.

I am trying to learn the scripting of batclient, as it's java based.

I can't make an honest comparison between the scripting because they are both pretty powerful.
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