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Full Version: Aelena Guide by Marvin
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I realize your guide was posted quite some time ago and I am not sure if you still read this section. I have been pondering the Spell: Bite of the black widow and from the description it seem that it could work a bit like a tiger claw. However, What I am wondering is if it is indeed so or if it is just another player killer spell that prevents players from leaving the room.

The reason I ask is because I am planning a future Aelena reinc but since I know so little about the guild it is hard to do any good reinc simulation with the guild. Further more the reinc simulator show a possibilety to train Find Weakness to 100% while the guild info show 80%. I assume the 80% is the correct figure.

What are the most important stats to go for in a Aelena reinc.

I know very little about the guild since it was create after my 3 year break from BatMUD but now that I am back the guild seems like a interesting choice. I assume I should just try it out but any additional help I can get before I try it out is greatly appreciated.

Aelenas are an interesting guild. What you need as far as stats are dex and wis, but the stats dont effect that much. Youll want a good long blade or short blade to wound with, wound is a very important skill as is greater wound. With greater wound, your wound slashes will create bleeding wounds. The poisons in aelena depend very much on how much insight you have.....a civilized aelena sabre can do very impressive damage. find weakness adds to crit frequency, and enhance criticals makes crits do more damage. Aelenas get both skills pretty high, so they make a great offensive guild combined with another guild for some basic fighting skills.

Ill let you discover the other poisons on your own...if you need more help ask me online.

Thanks for the info.

I will contact you online if any questions arise but I need to work on money for some decent weapons before I try it for real.
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