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Full Version: Anyone have ssh accounts?
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Hey my home server took a dump so I can't ssh into home from work to mud :( .. Anyone have a server to which I can ssh?
Hey this is something that quite many people would probably find useful (for mobile phones, tinyfugue, nazi firewalls, etc) but I guess the problem is the "strict" multiplaying rules?

Could provide something like this? With only outgoing telnet to BatMUD available and maybe a bit of ftp for trigger transfers?
Or ssh server on BatMUD.. this has been discussed many times but I still dont remember why its always been rejected :)

I do believe our friendly archwizard Favorit had a server he could share with fellow mudders to use as a tf-box. Sai had a similiar promise some time ago, don't know if they still give out accounts though.

The straight ssh to the mud would probably be doable now, earlier the reason was the encypting of all the data, causing unneeded processorload.
I am not sure about bshellz, but I think you may install tf/tintin++ there. There is g++/etc so it probably will work.
Indeed, I have a shell server with tf.
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