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Full Version: brief, blook & ansi = ansiexits
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if exit info would be color coded, it would be sweet.

ansi open green
ansi closed cyan
ansi locked yellow
ansi blocked red

...would give:
Adventurers' guild (s,e,u,d,w,n).

With black bg:

More restricted condition would overlap less restricting, thus blocked and locked door exit would be show as red until the block(er) would be removed. After that it would be yellow as it is still locked and unlocking it would turn the exits color to cyan.
As I explained on the in-game news system, I'm looking into it, but it's not first on my priorities list. The colours are not that important to me, but I probably will add brackets around the closed/locked doors. Might look into the colours for those though.

The blocks will not be put at least not for now for multiple reasons, one of them being that it's not always clear which exit is blocked by which mob untill you try it out.
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