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Full Version: About the new 'look'
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Its horrible! Did you not attend the basic class of coloring? Hmm.. maybe you did, but you forgot to take the test. It could be worse, but it sure aint good looking at the moment. It was good enough, but you had to change it. No offense, but forums should be light background and dark text, not the other way around.

Please do something about it, this gives me a headache.
This is a temporary skin, which is atleast a little bit closer to the colorpatterns used by the actual site. In the long run, we'll use a custom skin for it.

There's no rule that says that forums have to be light background and dark text, just like webpages can be dark backgrounds and light text. The important part is to have a contrast so that the text is easily readable.
Yes, but the contrast has to be actually a working one, not something that looks like some colorblinded ADD scriptkiddie thinks is 'cool'.
Come on, it's a nicely readable scheme. At least I can read no problem.

Default Invision skin is just boring.
It might be boring, but it works.
Well, this is gonna work, once we get a custom skin. For now this one will do, and as Gore said, it's at least a bit closer to the color scheme main site uses.
Im not doubting that it wouldnt work eventually. Just pointing out that this particular step is not so great.
On the contrary, I atleast find this much easier to read when there's not a bright white background.
Argh.. So can we get 2 different themes then? Or theme per what background / guild your in?
This new skin is much better.
Yeah, shut up Jutom, this is great now =)
I like it too. I think part of the problem is that it was initially very jarring to jump to this rfom the other quickly. It took a little bit to get comfy but now it has grown on me.
I like the colors :( *bush jutom*
You can use the Lo-Fi option for simple light bg dark text.

I hate the current skin.

But this new skin is way better! :)

A question: is it possible (or acceptable) to rip off this "theme" to our own little bat-pages? If so, how? :)

QUOTE(Nosunrise @ Jan 29 2007, 02:01 PM) [snapback]700[/snapback]
... If so, how? :)

Just download all the pictures you see here and construct your site using them.

New look rock 'n rolls! :]
The new look is great, but the only thing I dont like so far is the thing on the left side.
Alll that info and avatar and stuff are nice but they make all the replies look very big, even if the poster has written just one line.. looks silly.

Other than that, good job.
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