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Full Version: Recovering old chests?
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It's been 2 years since I played and I was thinking of getting back into the game. Once upon a time I had a room (maybe 2?) in a player city and had 2 chests there with lots of loot in them.

The city was in the NW portion of the (old, old) map, you had to swim to get to it. Is there any possibility of recovering those rooms/chests/items?

I have no idea who the owner of the city was/is :(

This wouldn't keep me from playing again, though it would be sweet to have those back.

What you need is the name of the city. Then check the map at and see where it is. If it hasnt been placed on the new map, go to Arelium church and there's a portal to get to player cities in limbo.
Okay, after some research, I'm pretty sure it was in the city of Orion. Does anyone know who owns that city or how I can get in touch with that person?
Orion is here:
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