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Full Version: How do you enjoy your Batmud?
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Just wondering how people play BatMud... I find playing in silence rather dull so I pump the music, it works well for me. I've also played other mini games on the net while regenerating. Do you play 100% into Batmud? If so, there has to be waiting times? I've also eaten while playing... also... taken a shit while playing batmud (s'cuse the language).

I usually play Batmud when other people around me are busy doing other things that don't directly involve me... or with the tv on a random channel. I also find playing in pure silence rather dull.
I like to watch TV while playing, either that or put on music.
I have 4 kids, so I have no idea what it would be like to play in silence or when concetrating 100% only in batmud :P
No seriously I don't usually party when they are awake, so there wouldn't be small breaks all of the time. When they I are sleep I enjoy silence. Mostly not listening music. Also not playing other games in meantime, but might read some article on regen break. I often hang around in bat even mostly AFK. Then come to do something small, kill few mob, blacksmithing, ressing, depending on reinc. Now as alchemist I have played some with my cellphone putty. Cellphone is not made for playing, but some small tasks like mining and blacksmithing are possible with it.
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