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Full Version: Ranger combat rotation
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So I've been gone for a long long time. I decided I was going to more or less start over and figured I would start by taking Ranger back up since that seems to be generally considered a newbie or starter class.

One reinc and max level later, I'm looking over the skills. Aside from the utility skills (regen related, scouting related, movement related) the attacks *mostly* seem centered around improving bladed fury. Additionally there is push, kick and shield bash.

Now in particular with the dual wield option and the ability to improve your off hand's damage with bladed fury, it would seem you would only be using a shield if you were tanking. For my purposes I'm just thinking about damage output, either solo or in a party.

Getting down to the question at hand, what's the skill rotation? I always assumed BF was just an opener, but there's no restriction on its use in combat, other than that it can take a pretty long while to cast. So I've simply assumed that you would use BF -> K -> K ... My logic being that with BF's long cast time, a late round interruption can cost a lot of damage output.

I don't mind there not being much variety, but I am trying to optimize what attacks *are* available.
As ranger you use only bladed fury. Kick does like 30 points damage where BF does from 100-250 depending on skills+stats+weapons. It is newbie guild as it is quite simple :)

So no skill rotation there, you need 2nd guild or different guild for that.

Oh and as offtank you always use 2 weapons.
Well.... that certainly qualifies as "simple" then. :)

I suppose I'll stick with Ranger for a bit, flesh out the skills and see where things go.

Thanks. :)
Ranger is good guild to learn the basics of the game and explore some areas as ranger gives nice regen skills and off skills at low levels but in the long run it is kinda dull, atleast I think so.

But thats why we have reincarnation :)
Ok, so its been a while....a long while since this thread was posted, but....
Bladed fury gets bonuses from push, kick, and bash skills. Also it is more effective with high percent in attack and axes (or long blades or short blades), along with, of course, the bladed fury skill itself, and mastery of bladed fury. Offhanded fury and multiple fury also add to damage done by bladed fury. Alot of people (pretty much rightly so) poo-poo push and kick and bash, but they really do add a nice little extra to BF, and you can get lucky and sometimes get the interrupt effect from bash while using BF as well.

As was said in an earlier post, bladed fury is pretty much *the* ranger offskill, and it does more damage than pound/slash/cleave, so the skill rotation is pretty much:
bf, bf, bf, bf, bf....and so on :D

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