Newbie forum is for newbie info. For now, this channel will be moderated to the rules of the in-game 'newbie' channel. An excerpt from 'help channels':
Also note that the 'newbie' channel is, as its name implies, reserved for answering questions from new players, and for guiding them. Other use of the channel is a punishable act, and may be dealt with at the whim of an archwizard. You may promote your services or merchandise on the newbie channel, if it's in reply to a newbie asking for said services. Freelance advertising of services on the newbie-channel will lead to punishments, as will flamewars among midbies/highbies on the said channel.

Since this isn't a wiz-moderated channel, punishments will instead be thread deletions/moves. A few notes:
If you have any sorts of 'spoiler' info, please put it in the appropriate non-newbie forums.