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Full Version: Now what?
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Well, I'm level 16 now, and I did my race guild levels. 5 levels is all there is I guess?

I want to be a ranger now, and I'm not sure where to go.

Also, I'm not sure where to level, and I'm not sure how to use different skills =/ like camping, fire making, and push for instance.

also, which weapons are ideal for rangers?

I'm a centaur and I'm not too sure what to do from here.
The ranger guild is far south of Arelium, in Laenor. You can check the exact location by checking on one of the map sites listed at help ferry. If you use the batclient, it has the realm map feature that is helpful.

You use skills by 'use <skill> at <target>' or just 'use <skill>' if you're in combat already or it doesn't require a target, like camping for example.

I hear axes are pretty popular amongst rangers.
Warning: I'm not a ranger and I'm definitly still a newb, so I might be mistaken a lot.

A bit more infos, camping let you regenerate some of your hps/eps after a short rest. Heard with ranger's mastery it goes up above 200. To stand near a fire helps your hps and eps regens, and the better the skill of whom built it the more effecient it is. Push has to be used in combat, if you are 1 on 1 simply typing 'use push' will do. If you have more than one target, to make sure you hit the one you want to hit type 'use push at <target>'.

To level, up to 30 (if not 40 or even 50), exploration is still an awesome way. Don't hesitate to visit other continents as well, and make sure you spend your experience points often. Also keep using the consider command and you may find some great fighting exp areas for your level doing so.

For the weapons, as a nomad (I guess?) you got bonuses to bludgeons and axes, if being a ranger allow you to train one of those (probably axes) I'd stick with that.
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