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Full Version: Beastmaster/Cavalier skills
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Hey, I'm interested about these guilds but I have no idea which skills I should pick up. I'm mainly barbarian and use cleave I guess as my main move, I have two axes.

So what are the required skills and good supportive attack skills for a mounted barbarian?

I would like to buy a good mount which means I would like to keep it also for many months so which skills I would need to keep my pet following me and not run away or attack me or get lost or die etc etc?

Any other hints are appreciated.

PS. Sorry, I couldn't post this to guilds section. I think it's because I just registered to this forum.
Cavaliers have offensive skill Charge (for polearms), Assault (for long blades) and Battery (for bludgeons).

Beastmasters have Offensive skill Guided strike (requires wielded whip).

Other than that it's quite straight forward. Cavalier skills (mounted combat and it's mastery) boosts your offense. Beastmaster skills (heel, riding, ride underground etc.) boosts your mount handling and riding skill. Combat works the same way as normal.

For mounts I recommend one that can ride indoors from the beginning - an elder chimera for example. Once you feel comfortable you can get other mounts.
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