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Before I even begin I'd like to preface this all by saying this is not me whining. This is mere observation and personal experience.

Saloric is currently a mage. I love playing mage classes. I love batmud's mage class. I've tried many other classes and combos but there's just something about mage that twix's my nethers as it were.

Alrighty, enough sweet talkin and down to my 2 cents. I see a lot of people asking for blasters on wanted. I know after fingering them (that just sounds so wrong when said other than for a command) that they are highbies. So most times I know I don't stand a chance of grouping with them. Honestly that is perfectly fine with me. However, after asking many of them what they are looking for in terms of blasters their response was... bigger. Obviously, why would a lvl 80-100 person need some little lvl 40 pea shooter hanging around. But it's not even just highbies, it's most people i've tried grouping with. How does everyone expect these little pea shooters (myself most certainly included) to get bigger? Cause afterall a "bigger" mage isn't just bigger in level but also in his essences and staff. To get bigger we mages have to repeatedly blast things that are often not something we can solo. So if everyone isn't willing to take along the little ones, how will they ever get bigger?

Now, I'm not talking about handouts. Those that have grouped with me know that I complain about feeling useless if i'm not blasting away. I hate not being helpful. I don't want to just sit and stare at my screen doing nothing for a few hours.

These are just from my experience, but i've talked with other tiny blasters and they have mostly all had similar experiences. Like I said, I am not trying to whine. If this has come off as too whinny then I apologize that was not my intent. My intent was to hopefully get some people, not only just highbies, but everyone to realize that unlike a lot of classes our char level and mage level are not the only thing that makes us "big"

Now inevitably there will be those that decided to be douches and post rediculously sarcastic, flaming, raging, non helpful replies. Like I said, just trying to get people to realize can't make tiny blasters into big ones if all you are concerned about is getting the biggin's. Anywho guess i'm done ranting now. Everyone can go about their days after wasting 2 min of their lives on this post.

(no, won't take riftwalker. Want those 15 levels in a mage element)
(not just highbies, i'll blast away for anyone. lvl 1 - 100. If ya need a blaster and see me on then just bell me)
The problem you're having was well known. Newbie magicals had a harder time than any other background for many years. For most, the answer was to gain experience and gear in another background and then reincarnate. In spite of this option, many wanted to be blasters for most of their career, and something was indeed done to allow this. Whether or not you like to hear it, Riftwakers is the provided solution, and you won't likely be seeing another.

Newbie magicals have problems finding parties, so riftwalker lets you solo. Newbie magicals just can't keep their spell points up, so spark birth gives lots of spell points back to lower level players. They're the best guild in game for soloing newbie quests, good for cash to get caster gear with, are ok for exploring, and not terrible for exp. Probably they're the second best newbie guild after Tzarakk.

Anyway, you have four main options:

1) Gain exp in another background and then reinc back when higher powered. This is the easiest option.

2) Gain exp and essences using the riftwalker guild, then reinc to pure mage. Or not, maybe you'll discover you like it. This is the smart option if you want to earn essences, and would be mostly painless, though you'll earn less exp than in option 1.

3) Become known as an insanely great party leader, such that people won't care that you are lousy in your chosen role. This will be very hard. Master party dynamics, walking paths, cooking, potion use, learn all the little tricks of the game, and make tons of friends, especially healers.

4) Limp along like a stubborn fool. I did similar as a gnoll ranger with store bought iron battleaxes, so my advice in that case would be to donate for boons and fight only stuff you can kill in one blast.
I did option #1 till I gained 30mil xp. Now I realize that is not much but was enough to max my main acid spells and core skills and nearly done with inner circle.

option #2 is really something i'm trying to avoid but looking more and more like I might have to.

option #3 not a chance, I don't mind dying myself but feel like such a jacka.. when someone else dies cause of me

option #4 sounds more like me. I am one of the most stubborn people that I have ever met.

As far as gear i'm pretty stocked thanks to Shmuzin's newbie giveaway, got a sable axe. Used my gifted sable through my ranger reinc to gain xp then sold it and bought up blaster gear. Nearly 200 int, which again probably low to a lot of people but to me it does the job. Ya 1k sps does get drained quick but my spr isn't too bad either so i'm not a terrible hindrance. Hell for that matter i'm never last on p stats for damage done. I get what you're saying and you (Presence) I have high regard for. I've read through your website like it was mother's milk. So believe me i'm not trying to be disrespectful in any of this. It's just if people know that magical's need groups not only to survive but to get bigger then wouldn't it just make sense to help us out? Like I said in the op i'm not looking for a hand out and if I wanted to solo I obviously wouldn't have chosen mage.

Anywho, this really wasn't about me in particular. It's about the general thinking of other people who lead groups. Lowbie mages can still hit decently, won't sap a whole lot of xp from the group and come on, they are blasters. Who doesn't like seeing some tiny frail quacker taking pot shot chunks off a mob that save you from having to go another few rounds without us.

Like I said no disrespect intended if any of that came off as it. Just doesn't make sense to me that people know about it and still meh. Oh and I wasn't asking for a solution to anything from the coders or anything like that. Again just to get people to maybe include us pea shooters a little more often.

p.s. I guess it should be said that I have met several that don't mind taking little blasters but they are few and far between. Anyways, off my soap box I go.
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