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Full Version: how do i gain rep in tarmalen guild?
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Ive been a tarmalen for around a month. Its my second guild, im a full monk and have 10 tarm levels. I still show as being "just baptized" on tarmalen who. I understand as my "rep" grows with tarm guild i get a bonus to my heals. How do I gain rep with tarm, I was under the impression it was just time in guild, but is there another factor like amount i have healed or something? I only know about this from reading on boards. Is there some documention in game about this?

Thanks in advance if you decide to give some info
You need max guild and just idle a lot.
Thanks, I appreciate the response

I have played a Tarmalen for the last 4 years about 6 hours a week and have still not passed the third level. I made in that time 180M as a tarmdruid. Basically it takes a really long time to get anywhere reputation wise.

QUOTE(Jutom @ Dec 22 2006, 03:09 AM) [snapback]588[/snapback]
You need max guild and just idle a lot.

Yeah, right... how come I got Devout rep in about year without idling? :)

Kinda simple rule for gaining rep in Tarmalen guild cast heals at other people than you and do it A LOT
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