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Full Version: Secret Societies
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Hey all,

How do secret societies work? Back in the old days I'd trust the reinc simulator to answer all the great questions but now I'm a blind man in a china shop.

First I'll recap the things I know:
- I pay to get membership to a society from some cash from some highbie in a trenchcoat
- I spend free levels to get secret sociey levels
- Once I train a level I can train stats/skill maxes etc

Now the things I don't know:
- What are the training costs?
- Does it require cash to train guild levels? (Like other guilds)
- Anything else I should know?

1. There are free societys around and most of them base around chitchat, but the more statwise ss's cost usually.
2. Training costs exp. You advance a level and select a stat or max what you can after that train.
3. You can train any amount of stats, but if you reach to a bonus of 30 for one stat, you cant advance that stat any more, so if you want to minimax, aim at 29 first and then take the last highest stat (someone will explain this better).
Cheers for that.
Is the xp cost large (in millions)?
Level | Type | Bonus |
| 1 | Statmax of con | 3 |
| 2 | Statmax of dex | 4 |
| 3 | Statmax of dex | 5 |
| 4 | Statmax of dex | 6 |
| 5 | Statmax of dex | 8 |
| 6 | Statmax of con | 4 |
| 7 | Statmax of dex | 5

And exp cost:
Statmax Con: 309400
Statmax Dex: 3800225


Thanks mate.
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