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20 May 2004 21:09
Hello Runemages,

A few changes have been made in the past few days, some of which
have been announced on our channel and some of which haven't,
so I post them here for future reference.

The 'runemages runedetail' command can now be used to set the
detail level used in runestones' short descriptions. If it is
toggled on, the stone's material, rune and quality are displayed.

The way that runevalues (the ones shown with the 'runes'-command)
drop has been slightly altered. The original system, as many of
you must have noticed, dropped the values on the first chant of
the boot. Now the values are reduced more evenly during your
gametime. The total amount with which the values will drop during
an actively played boot is virtually unchanged, perhaps slightly
less than before.

Ultimately to clarify - one spell/boot will no longer have a
significant effect on your runevalues.

The inner workings of runechests were also changed a bit today,
kindly let me know if they seem to operate erratically as of next

Finally, if you think it is a good idea, a short introduction to
the guild for new recruits on the bulletin board could be nice.
If some runemage(/s) with a grasp of how the guild works were to
write one, it would be great. Perhaps concentrating on issues
which do not fit very well into Winston's (NPC) mouth, such
as syntaxes etc could be a good approach.

Remember to send in your ideas and critique!

- Nalle

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