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22 Nov 2016 11:24
Reposting this from a post I accidentally sent to NL+ news group:
IMHO, just to weigh in on a topic that is already a thoroughly dead horse, I
think power should be apportioned between knowledge, eq, exp and boons roughly
evenly. There is just absolutely no justification for making exp MORE relevant
to the game or a few players MORE powerful because they have the desire/butt
muscles to solo in perins 15hrs a day. On the other hand, I think the game has
a certain number of older guys for whom mebbe exp has lost its relevancy, and
for that certain select crowd I think the admin should seriously consider
implementing a 4th rebirth with much greater challenges and some new
interesting (NOTE: I said "INTERESTING", not "MORE POWERFUL) races. Mebbe make
new challenges for fourth rebirth like a lowered exp rate or something like
that? Donno. I do know that the answer to making exp relevant for the 1% is
not to give additional power to the same top 1%.

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