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18 Feb 2017 15:11
Hello, Evil Priests.

A new mechanic was implemented to the guild starting from this boot, it is
called 'anger'. You can check your status via 'anger status'. Whenever you
do evil, your anger grows. When you don't do evil, it dissipates. The higher
it is, the more effective the evil things you do are. In essence, it is a
self fueling loop of evil.

Three things have an effect on the anger mechanic. Namely: 'Tempo', 'Evil
things done' and 'Harm Caused'. Explore and find a way to keep your hatred
seething forever, and let evil reign once more!

Oh, and one other thing. There is a new mastery/reputation system in game for
priests. It is called 'Affinity to Burglefloogah'. You gain it by doing
evil, belligerent things. It helps you do evil and be evil. I have recorded
some of the most common evil things done in past months and added them to the
system, so some of you might get a small jump-start regarding the mastery.

Have a nice day, and remember to 'Do no good'.

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