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29 Mar 2021 20:46
Hi everyone!

The new feature is now online. It is called 'Abandoned Mines'.

What it means is that instead of collapsing your mine, you can 'abandon' it.
What happens next is that if your mine is suitable enough and connects with
the powers that be, it becomes a vessel for another place to invade it
transforming it to a bridge between something that is, and something that was.

In practical terms what happens is that your mine as you abandoned it, becomes
an explorable area to other players with monsters, loot etc occupying it soon
after the fact. The layout will be the same, but the place won't.

You can abandon a mine anywhere at any time, and the rest is up to other
players. I felt the easiest way to cover what it is and why you should do
this is with a short Q&A:

Q: What do I need to abandon my mine?
A: Minecrafting at 100% or more, and at least 40 minecrafting achievements
completed (as a Merchant your title would be 'an experienced excavator').

Q: Why should I abandon my mine?
A: When you abandon a mine and another reality consumes it, anyone who
explores and kills monsters within will earn you exp. That's right. Monsters
killed in the abandoned mine will earn you exp. You need to be either online
or LD in order to reap the benefits. You can also go and kill them yourself,
but no extra will be rewarded for it.

Q: Can I abandon multiple mines?
A: No. One mine per boot. Once you abandon it, it will stay there until
Armageddon arrives.

Q: Can I abandon a mine anywhere I want?
A: Yes, anywhere where you can build a mine you can abandon it. However you
cannot abandon it within 10 paces of another players' mine. Whoever builds
and abandons a mine fastest claims the area.

Q: Are there restrictions or rules before abandoning the mine?
A: Yes. You can at any point use 'tunnel evaluate mine' to see the current
state whether it can be abandoned or not.

Q: How do I abandon my mine?
A: After you've built it and 'tunnel evaluate mine' says that it is ready,
you can 'use minecrafting at abandon tunnel' to complete the procedure.
Otherwise the same rules apply as to collapsing a tunnel.

Q: My newly abandoned mine is empty!
A: It will take a moment for the entities to invade your mine. After that they
will respawn as normal normal monsters.

Q: Aww man I put it in the wrong place, can I change it?
A: No. Build another next boot.

Q: Can I just drill a hole down and abandon it there?
A: No. There are multiple restrictions you need to adhere. The entity that
occupies it does not change the layout. Make it count.

Q: Wait, can I just slap my mine beside Arelium SC and watch the exp flow?
A: ...Now where's my tunehammer...

If you have any more questions I can answer, please throw me a tell.
Also bug reports and ideas are welcome, and remember that everything is
subject to change if something comes up that needs to be addressed.

Thanks to Ulath and Juggelo for approving this and to all the beta testers.


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