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06 May 2022 20:33

I've been working on the merchant belt tier1 and tier2 quests. This is great
fun, as anyone who knows anything would agree. While doing this, I noticed
that some of the new merchant features (minecrafting, abandoned mines) are not
addressed at all. Of course minecrafting has an entire rep system of its own
with the ranks and cat etc which is amazing, but it hit me that it would be
great if there was a new third tier for the belt quest that tied it all

The tier3 belt tasks could be in line with the spirit of tier1 and tier2, with
added difficulty and the inclusion of tasks related to minecrafting and
abandoned mines. I'm sure for every merchant who has done the belt quest(s),
the belt holds a lot of sentimental value (with all of the bonuses and
features added being a plus) and it would be great to keep improving this
piece of gear we all love so well.

Best regards,

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