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15 May 2024 23:36

Oh hai.

There are going to be some changes to the minecrafting treasure maps
sometime soon..ish. Mainly the loot generator and some mechanics are
going to change. When? Probably less than the classic "two weeks".

Related to this, I am taking in suggestions / ideas on what kind of STUFF
there should be in those treasure chests. Completely new things and /
or additions to current repertoire can be considered.

However, only serious, actually thought out ideas, please. I won't be
adding Tiamat eqs, nor implementing huge systems or changes.

Please limit your ideas to merchant (and perhaps alchemist) related
activities. These treasures are targeted to merchants and are meant to
be a bonus for those who bother to dig them up.

No need to hurry either, things can be added post-de-facto too, so you
don't need to splooge your thoughts just now. Bake them a little.
Hey, and here's a thought: PERHAPS discuss your brainchilds with fellow
merchants on the guild channel before going forward. Maybe they can be
refined, or ridiculed! :P

In any case, after you're done thinking (and if I haven't acknowledged
them on the channel) post your masterpieces here on this news group or
via a tell to me.


P.S. If you have no idea what this is all about, nor care about the
treasures and / or hate them, you can feel free to ignore this post.

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