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16 Sep 2019 23:21
or "The magical background is not meant to tank," then I ask what is the
general purpose of the Earth entity? I submit that there is/are now guild(s)
that can practically do damage up to mage levels, so if the argument is mages
make too much damage, I'd say that's an obsolete reason. It would have made,
or would make, more sense to just put a strain on the spell points of a mage
in order to efficiently tank larger mobs with an Earth entity.

Overall, I just find it distasteful that a loop exists between entities, and
why you would bother repping them up to begin with. I'm not saying riftwalker
isn't a solid means to grind mage rep/exp/cash/whatever, it's just at this
point with the large incline in player power, I feel like riftwalker is left
out on this. Riftwalker essentially is taken for create rift vortex if it's
needed in parties. I guess the Magic Entity serves a small purpose, but for
how slow that is to rep up and how rare it's features actually work, it's
really not an immense reason to maintain throwing coins at it.

Other things I would love to see added:

Rift pulse: The damage/sp ratio/rounds is fucking great. But, being able to
change the damage type at will should definitely be implemented, _IF_ you have
a certain entity repped to "max." Fire (fire), air (asphyx), water (elec?),
earth (harm?), magic (mana). I don't foresee this being immensely beneficial
at "end game" things, but for a lower level/mid level player, being able to
change rift pulse to fire alone would be great for newbies/lowbies who pretty
much predominantly use fire/air entities. Perhaps this is a pipedream but, why

Dimensional Leech: I haven't personally used this that much, I have used it
with magic entity and with fire entity, but honestly I don't see it worthwhile
to use period. I think with the possibility of a drain sp effect (could be
already, maybe I haven't noticed it), it might be worth using in extreme
circumstances, but otherwise it's probably the least casted spell in the guild
behind bind rift entity.

Rift scramble: I'm still at a loss how the duration of this spell is so
fucking random, with ceremony+wis sometimes it's 10 minutes, sometimes 40+
minutes, even with back to back casts. I'd rather it always be 20 minutes
based on some rep scale vice what seems to be completely random.

In conclusion: This guild is great for the time being at what it is, a way for
mages to do shit on their own without the need for a party. But for players
like me, it seems sort of fruitless to grind up entities if I'm never going to
be able to do anything with them besides exactly that, exp/mage rep and rift

Le Fusah

N e w b i e  H e l p e r
3y, 138d, 4h, 3m, 11s old
20 Sep 2019 14:42
Hi Fuser,

First of all, thank you for the feedback, it is very much appreciated.

A few points, if I may...

Water entity is rather powerful, and the rep requirements are justified. No
comment on the "remove poison" special.

Regarding the earth entity; a mage pet really shouldn't be able to tank top eq
/ huge monsters / take the place of a "real" tank. The best solution at the
time was to limit entity tanking abilities to monsters up to a certain level.
Any other solution was unacceptable.

Maybe the magic entity could do with a tweak, I'll take a look.

Dimensional leech I don't see a problem with.


W i z a r d
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100 [Wizard]
09 Oct 2019 01:11
I've been avoiding to reply, but now I got too much time at my hands so I'll
share a few notes on to of fuser's previous points.

The Earth entity "hard cap" is understandable but could it be lessened a bit if
you are soloing? Or perhaps turned into a bit more soft capped version, so that
some cyan+ mobs might still be doable under some conditions?
I'm not saying that bright magenta mobs should be tanked with entity, but
rather when soloing it would be nice to test some limits with bigger mobs. Just
for the kicks.

I also agree that the rift levels don't really give you that much advantage in
topend (and I'm talking about tiamat/origo level) parties, and as I've
understood it's not supposed to be that anyway. However there are some
advantages to most 2-6 man:

1) Spark birth does additional damage depending on your power. Topend riftmages
might actually see some effect on hp pile mobs (like grimoor etc)
2) Meld with magic entity is like unpain with cocaine.
3) There might be situations where you are stuck in a no-summon area, your tank
dies and the options are to wipe full party out (and ragequit) or tank with
entity (like necropolis - personal experience)
4) Floating discs are so '99, safes are awesome (though it would be nice to
empty them with a single command like "kickover")

So the top-end usefulness is limited and probably it would make more sense to
take another mage type.

On rift pulse changing the damage type completely might be too much. However if
it would do some additional damage (like if you crit or you get one of the rift
rep "specials") you could transform part of the damage as the type of your
entity. However this should be made toggleable as there are some monsters that
heal from certain type damage.

Dimensional leech is quite useful spell and there are good reasons why it
exists. However it could also use some minor tweaking:

1) If you do an actual dcrit, it should have some effect on the total damage
not just the first heartbeat. This I think is an actual bug. (Just an idea -
critted dimensional leech might give your entity a temporary boost, like some
stats for a short while.)

2) If your magic entity is full (or your entity at full hp), could the excess
energy possibly "overflow" as either charge for entity weapons (if wielded) or
by a proc of the entity skill? Like if a full magic entity is using the skill
and you do a dimleech, could it proc the stimulus?

3) Dimensional leeching your entity could give you ep but drain the entity
energy a LOT (like, usable 1-2 times a boot).

I agree on your point of rift scramble, it used to be like that with entity
control. Yeah it's fine if the duration varies a bit (like warez) but it's just
super random. Also I think if you re-cast it, the duration should never go down
(like unpain, you can cast a "better" unpain but not worse).

Also now that we are at it, could air entity help you with escape velocity like
it does with some other navigator stuff?

Anyway - In some perverse way I still enjoy riftwalker guild. Must be the
mud-psychosis or something.

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