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17 Dec 2022 08:22
The potion shop currently allows you to sell 5 flasks. Right now it appears
these 5 flasks are based solely on how many times your name appears on the
creator list. This is causing a B. Green and a B. Yellow protect_weapon to
take 2 slots instead of the 1 it should take. This is even more frustrating
when you consider a flask that the color makes absolutely no difference to the
flask (think flip or phaze shift). I understand why the colors are listed so
people know what they are buying, but this just feels off.

A couple of possible options.
Up the limit to 10. Still have the problem but it's at least mitigated.

Have it check the name of the flask + creator instead of just creator. Keeps
flasks at 5 different, but those are truly 5 different.

Allow the selling of flasks at or below their color level. If I want to sell
all my B. yellows as B. Green the customer is just getting a bonus instead of
screwed. Again makes it so I can sell 5 different instead of 3 just at
different "strengths".

Personally I'd like to see option 2 because then my crit potions become a
viable product instead of being dumped because they take a precious slot.


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