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BatMUD Forums > Ideas-wanted > Update Quest Difficulty Rankings

22 Sep 2023 13:08
The current quest difficulty rankings do not seem to match up at all with my
experiences. I'm going to keep this post spoiler free but I can give specific
examples/reasons if you message me. At a high level though, LQ37 "Save
Princess Daisy" is rated as "Not very hard", but from my
experience it was one of the hardest quests I've done requiring help from
multiple highbies. On the other hand, LQ46: "Victi Vicimus" is rated
as "Challenging" but I was able to solo it without any problems. Long
story short, it would be nice to update the quest rankings so new players can
have an idea about what they might be able to solo and what quests they will
probably require a party.

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