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24 Dec 2009 00:23
It all started with Glacius asking on wanted for a linux (/shell) guru for
some help. Since I thought I might be able to help I asked him for what he
needs such a guru and after a few questions I was told that he sits the first
time infront of a ssh season to his server and that he basicly has no clue of
administrating his server. Apparently he wanted to set up a proxy to play
batmud. I then tryed to explain him that he should please read a few books
about servers and linux before he trys to do anything with his server and that
servers like his produce a great part of our daily spam on the internet.
Apparently he didn't liked that cause after a "fuck you" and "I hate you" I
suddenly found my self in front of him on the plains south of arelium. I still
have no clue why he didn't chose a better place to kill me, but at the end I
ran away to hide in the church. Trying to find someone to cool him a bit down
I asked on wanted and got a "DIE FAG HOMO DIE!" respons from Serra. Not really
understanding what serras problem was I asked her/him but didn't got much more
told than nightmare, die faster or again"DIE FAG HOMO DIE!"

Now I am sitting here in the church looking for someone to solve that conflict
in a friendly way, since I would like to be able to leave the church without
getting summoned around.
Before I forget it, I am off over the christmas days, but I hope to be able to
play like before this incident when I return.

best regards

10d, 19h, 21m, 52s old
24 Dec 2009 08:34
some highbies are bullies like that, talk to a archwizard

68d, 15h, 15m, 58s old
24 Dec 2009 18:03
I really hope this continues so I have an excuse to return glacious and serra
to retirement.

N e w b i e  H e l p e r
2y, 184d, 3h, 40m, 13s old
25 Dec 2009 16:56
This is serious bullshit. And Blayke can put his stupidlooking head into his
own ass. Over and out.

I'm back motherfuckers, enjoy. Serra.

300d, 7h, 38m, 5s old
25 Dec 2009 17:54
Serra wrote:
This is serious bullshit. And Blayke can put his stupidlooking head into his
own ass. Over and out.

I'm back motherfuckers, enjoy. Serra.
Oh jeah babe. More poor victims!
i'm thinking that the most worst and stupid protection of citycastle was in
that one american hippie city in lucentium. 2 man can wipe whole city. It was
FUN!, thanks to stupid americans who cant event protect their own ass.

Stay smart. Get Ed

1y, 75d, 13h, 40m, 39s old
24 Dec 2009 19:57
A mediator will do you no good.

There are a few disturbed players who desperately try to cook up excuses to
be arses and pkill other players - preferably players who do not have a
realistic chance to defend themselves.

Reasoning with them won't get you anywhere and we have had more than a few
reports about these persons. While we will not pre-emptively do anything
about it, if pkilling or other idiocy gets out of hand for stupid reasons
like this, we will interfere and the persons in question get to enjoy an
extended vacation into 2010.

++ Gore

A r c h w i z a r d
11y, 62d, 8h, 9m, 21s old
600 [Wizard]
25 Dec 2009 00:56
Way you told me to shutdown server was very harsh/offending. Something I
wouldn't say to anyone ie at place where I work. To technical part, I also
find your advices very funny since I've done whole thing I asked, on different
platform - I just couldn't write linux spellwords on console =( On the other
I asked same things from Ewige and got good tips and progress on solving prob.

I summoned you so i can kill you, yes. I left you to plains so you can run
away and perhaps get a freaking moral education 'cause of being an shitface.
And the first thing you do is that you post this article to news - You didn't
even mind saying that you are sorry or being like 'I didn't meant it that way,
sorry'. But don't worry, it was to be done only once (1 time), not to continue
summoning forever like an idiot.

I don't rate myself as highbie (I lack tons of knowledge about doing eq,
playing new guilds etc.etc.) but guess I'm bit oldschool player. I got killed
being an ass (like you) as a newbie. But seems today as newbie you can be
total shitface and if you happen to get into trouble with someone - just
contact admins. How this once happen case is already being processed by ARCH??
Maybe it's 'cause of (my) reputation and it's ok. You have prolly had more
than a few reports about me but still I've never got even banned 'cause I have
played along the rules. Maybe you could invent new rule and reason to ban me
to prove me wrong? Anyway, there even was a helpfile saying once happen pkill
can teach you something (positive).

Pvp in batmud is very unbalanced and in my opinion people here take it way too
seriously. Maybe it's time to forbid the whole thing?? =D

)(/&%! Glacius

PS. I did reply only for my part, not anyone else(serra)
PPS. This wasn't meant to be yyhyhyh buuhuhuu crycry whinewhine message.. If
you didn't get teh clue --> please go on and continue "WoW'ng" batmud!
PPPS. Oh and merry xmas =) Tell me if you got this far on reading and I'll
award you a present.

!"#%&/()= Glacius

1y, 91d, 15h, 12m, 25s old