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BatMUD Forums > Inform > The fourth Lord of Chaos guild is now open

19 Nov 2018 19:03
I am proud to announce that the fourth lord of chaos guild is now open.
I would like to thank following people for helping me with the project and
participating in the development of it.
Kharadus, Amd, Juggelo, Heidel, Darol, Ulath

Special thanks to players who have been testing the guild. It has not
been easy journey. Your input and experience has been invaluable.

Any comments, feedback, and bugs can be directed to me.

The Nergal guild is focused on serving the Lord of Rot and Diseases in his
research for evolutinary apex. The followers of the Rot are tasked to aid
in this research through the gifts bestowed upon them by the Lord Nergal

Rumours say that lightning had struck on a huge ancient tree on the continent
of Furnachia, southwest of Castle Firefox near the edge of swamps. Those few
who have been brave enough to venture there have either returned with
infection of some kind or have not returned at all.

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