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28 Dec 2018 07:23
So as we're just going through yet another mage shortage, it got me thinking.
A dangerous habit, that.

Right now, most decent level 100 builds would require about 500M-600M totals,
give or take some. Not mages, though - you need 500M totals just to make a
bare-bones level 90 mage (4 types + minimal rifters, 2 area blasts). Add +100M
to get rifter masteries/etc, and yet another 100M to fill in the other useful
spells. Want level 100 and the fifth type? That'll be another +350M totals,
for a grand total of more than 1G.

No other guild combo comes anywhere close to this kind of crazy exp costs. And
sure, you could gimp your build by studying spells/masteries to 80-90 instead
of 100, but all those other guilds get their full power at the same totals ...

As a result, if you are a midbie player and want to make a mage, the only sane
advice is "don't do it, or maybe make a runemage instead?". Obviously, this
rather sucks.

One big reason why mages are so crazy expensive is that each type you take
costs 33% more than the previous ones - so! I'd like to propose that the extra
xp cost per each additional type gets removed and each mage type would cost
the same as the first. With the change, mage builds would *still* be more
expensive than other guilds, but the difference would be bought down to
slightly more reasonable numbers (the cost would be reduced by 100M-150M for
the 5-type one, per my calculations).


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09 Dec 2018 00:40
Well...midbies can always make a channeller. Haven't properly crunched the
numbers, but taking full Channellers (30 levels) on top of one mage guild+inner
circle surely comes cheaper than taking 4 elemental guilds.
Rather big down side is that if and when the mob resists your one good blast,
you're limited to rather weak channelblasts.

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