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03 Dec 2018 23:12
Once upon a time I heard a story about these exotic birds that were taken to
captivity. During their captivity, portions of food were surreptitiously
dispsensed to the birds between certain hours of the day. The portions were
dispensed in random intervals, with a strict minimum interval and maximum

What makes these birds special, is that they have a tendecy to create
elaborate dances. Now, it did not take too long for the first bird to realize,
that while he was dancing in certain fashion, a portion of food appeared.
Trying again, the same dance did not create similar results, but adding just a
few moves in was enough to gain the food.

It did not take too long, for the dance of the birds to reach the maximum
interval set to the food dispensing mechanism, and thus whenever they wanted
food, a simple dance was enough to put food into their bellies.

A similar phenomenon has been observed in men, who formed Cargo Cults in
anticipation of heavenly manna.

Now, how does this pertain to BatMUD? Well, imagine a certain annoying monkey
sitting upon your shoulder, and one day you type a command, and it soon
vanishes. Any command.

Sooner or later we were always bound to reach a situation where someone
decides to quote millions of 'show experience's in order to rid himself of the
monkey, for if it worked once, it is bound to work this time as well.

Little did the mortal know, that in his wits other things might sour..


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