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27 Jan 2019 23:54
Now that I've collected a good amount of data on the new reputation systems
that I have put in place, I have made some tweaks to the formula for the
reputation attained through sailing with passengers and cargo. Effective at
dock+resummon or reboot, you should see a much higher chance of accruing
Merchant Marine reputation.

Also, in general... yes, I'm aware that the reputation gains are dreadfully
slow. Here is a list of things that can be done for reputation:
- Sailing
- Sailing, with passengers (as long as they are not a ship officer)
- Sailing, with cargo in your hold (threshold shall be a sikrit)
-Manifesting, (each continent/island gives its own reputation)

Additionally, since Navy and Pirate-aligned players have a vastly larger
possibility for reputation at the moment through PvP, I have added some extra
rewards that you have likely already seen for completing compasses. There _IS_
a plan in place for a total revamp of the sailor guild reputation system,
however, I am taking a break from ship-related development for a while to
focus on some other content packages, as well as some marketing/PR
integrations. I understand that this has been long-awaited, however, the
upcoming content for ships (which I nick under the "Islas de Tormentas"
release package) is VERY large, complex, and time-intensive to develop. A
small break will give me a chance to think in the ways I need to keep things
rolling smoothly.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way.


-- Lord Tarken Aurelius, the Sage

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