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13 Apr 2019 20:12
As most players love reputation systems, and most of the prominent guilds that
are played most often have their own sort of "rep" system, I would love to see
a more compounding rep system added to the Druid guild besides just the, "I
casted a fuckload of flex shields, so now I can cast longer flex shields,"
leadership bonus. While the leadership bonuses are obviously a great thing to
have, having something besides just a weekly bonus would be an awesome
addition to the guild. A skill: "Attuned To Nature," could be achieved via the
normal routes (casting druid spells, doing outerworldly things such as picking
plants/herbs etc, doing things in any of the polymorph forms), that could
possible add some bonuses over time. Bonuses could include a special haste
sort of like that of nun elder haste, +dam to druid offensive spells, bonuses
to defensive/buff spells, +exprate (and +stats...but we'll get to that) to
polymorph forms, extra metabolism while in nature, "critical" blasts/runic
heals/buffs...things of that....well things of that nature. As with all other
things, I would also request a downtune, as it stands now, you can reinc into
Druid with basically never playing the guild before and pretty much have
access to everything at pretty much the same power level if you have the same
stats even compared to someone who has played druid for years. Having to do
some work to get those systems working (blasts,buffs,heals,polymorph stats,
etc.), with the benefit of maybe drawing more power towards the later times of
the grindtrain would be awesome to see.

Would love some input/suggestions!

-Le Fusah

3y, 38d, 1h, 35m, 20s old
13 Apr 2019 23:22
And finally fix bug in shapechange spell plz

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