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15 Apr 2019 17:00
"Okay you little tur*rrrrrr*d, we came back for two weeks, we stayed for the
anniversary. I think we're done here."
"Um, couldn't, couldn't we stay an extra few days? You know, let them squeeze
out a few more rewards?"
"I think they've had plenty. Pack your shit. I need to watch the Game of
Thr*rrrrrr*ones before one of these Lannister-looking jerks spoils it."
"Ah, jeez. I would have thought, um, there'd be at least one new prize. Or
*sip* "Well, then they should have figured out the flux permanently adds stats
to eq."
"WHAT? You Redfanged them and didn't say ANYTHING? Why, why why would you do
"Uh, what part of 'April Fool's Day' are you not getting?"
"But that's such a dick move!"
"Okay, listen. This place might be a text-based flower world so
trophy-for-participating it's _literally_ coded in C-plus-plus -- "
"Wow, really? And it's not even C++, it's --"
"Don't care. BUT. Do you know what this place has in common with Minecraft,
the Fallout series, and even World of War*rrrrr*craft?"
"Exploration. That's something all great worlds, ESPECIALLY this one, have:
there's always something out there you haven't found yet. They literally have
something called E-percent in this world. That's a big neon flashing sign that
says 'Chest your best shit, dump your free XP, go push that big red button and
see what the f*rrrrrrrrrr*ck happens once in a while'. That's why it's still
alive and thriving after twenty-nine years."
"Oh...I guess I see your point."
"Of course you do." *sip* "I'm awesome."
"Um, Rick? Do you, do you think we'll ever come back here? Give them another
"I dunno Morty...there's always Season Four."

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