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28 Dec 2006 01:29
Stop the press!

The first official version of the Batclient, a custom javabased game-
client that is available free of charge, has now been launched. The
client aims to provide a visually pleasant interface to BatMUD, and
is geared especially for new players. To enable this, the graphical
client supports multiple windows which separates the output from
combat, movement and communication systems within the game.
Additionally, the client supports full RGB colors, variable fonts,
hyperlinks etc.

The client requires JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 1.5 or newer to be
installed on your computer. The client contains an autoupdater to
fetch subsequent patches that add more functionality and bugfixes.

Phase 1 of the client does not yet include advanced functionality
such as liting or scripting, but this will be enabled in phase 2.

The batclient is available from download at:

The development team would like to thank Mythicscape for making the
client a reality, Amarth and our talented graphics artists and
everybody who has participated in the betatesting of the client.

Comments and bugreports on the client should be sent to There will also be a batclient webforum available.

++ Gore

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