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01 Feb 2009 19:14

Since I understood that last DutchCon was sort of liked by the attendees,
Juggelo and myself thought about organizing another one this year. Since
Juggis knows the way, he can guide Finns/Swedes that would want to join this
time, and I hope Moss/Spid will take care of our island inhabitants :) Other
countries/continents are of course welcome as well, just drop me a tell and
we'll see how you can get here cheapest of all.

For the dates, I was thiking about weekend of 12th of June, making it 12, 13,
14 of June. It's well in
advance before the Juhannus, so we won't disturb the annual feast of Finland
with our puny con.

If you want to attend, drop me a tell/mail.

Ideas of how/where are also welcome, otherwise we'll invade one or another
holiday park as we did the last time.



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