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19 Dec 2012 19:31

you may now create your secondary character. There are some rules to follow

a) You must register the character immediately at either Pleasantville central
square OR outside the Arelium adventurers guild, both have a device you can
use for this purpose.

b) Trying to be funny and registering characters to wrong primaries will
results in me needing to implement an acceptance procedure which means I'll be
rather upset. This in turn will result in me investigating who the culprit was
and some serious PJUNISHMENT.

c) MIP spell has a remarkably lower rate for secondary characters. Like,
5-times lower.

d) You are not allowed to have your primary and secondary characters online at
the same time. If you 'quit real' with your primary, you may enter immediately
with your secondary. IF you LD, you need to wait a cooldown period of 10
minutes before being able to enter (yes, this is enforced by the libcode,
simply can't do it)

e) There will be some hiccups, I'm certain, so be prepared for some tunes here
and there if glorious abuse holes (haw, haw!) turn up

f) If you encounter problems, drop me a tell

g) I'll write up an update to help multiple characters once things settle a
bit. As it is, there are no restrictions to sharing EQ or rooms or whatever
between your two characters.

Go and play my disciples!

Rgds, Ulath
PS. I reserve the right to change these rules at any time if the game is at
risk of burning horribly.
PPS. Yes, the PLAYER is responsible for all actions on all characters; in
terms of help pkilling etc. you may consider the secondary and primary
characters equal.

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