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Full Version: Reason to turn back to the game?
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After almost a year of downtime, could or should I start playing again?

I think your answer is NO, but I hate you too.

So.. yes or no?
I'm actually trying to get back after a year of absence, didn't even know it was down. Only thing is it said my password was compromised and it won't let me log in from where I live, saying the address isn't recognized...
Did you get that resolved Skaree, the password thing? Bat's password database was compromised was the reason for it. Mail the administration ( if you're still having problems. Info on the password hack:

There wasn't any downtime for the mud.. Jutom meant his own personal downtime.

You should start playing! Some new stuff has been added, some of it kinda fun!

Stuff added in the last year:
* A few new areas (4-5?)
* Playtest of archers guild, should open January 2008?
* Playtest of first of new LoC subguilds, Tzarakk. It's now open to the general public. Other LoC guilds are in the works.
* Nun's got a new spell! holy lance!
* Playtest of new guild soon, "folklorists". A new civilized caster guild.
* Game client development has moved along, it's pretty cool now :)
* Just yesterday, "region castles" have been opened. They're little castles spread over all 5 continents that you can take over and they'll grant a little bit income and services to members of the same race as whomever controls it. It's kind of a mini strategy game.

If you stopped because of continents, not much has changed there. To go between continents are ships/ferries and wanderers, or portals with no eq. Ferries run more frequently than they did and wanderers are little easier than they were initially, but no huge changes there. If that drove you away and you can't stand em, then probably not worth coming back.

you should come back cause you miss talking to me
I am a new player,like 2-3 days old and I honestly think this game is worth playing.
You should come back
Yeah Come Back.. JUst not as a Tarm. There are too many of us now. Continets are not bad once you get use to them, and you add travel time into parties and such. With More people having ships now it really is easier than it was at start.

Other things added that were not mentions. IS guilds are getting slight tunes. Rangers Changed Bladed Fury so it can be used with a shield, and message are different. They also got pathfinding (which acts like go) so traveling across land is easier.

There is a new mage forum in the works to improve them as well. Folklorist is now open. It is a casting/prot type guild.

Lots of minor changes have been made to make the game better. With patience I think it will be great again.

Its quiet wihout you. Come do some evil_relic magic or a try new mages.
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