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Posted: 05 Mar 2019 18:08 [ permalink ]
Total of 666666666 experience spent on character.
Posted: 07 Jan 2019 01:41 [ permalink ]
You step through the exit and you are transported into another room.
You're in what appears to be some kind of a throne room within a palace. It's
one of the most beautiful rooms you have ever seen, the floor is made of the
most beautiful of marbles, and the throne seems to be crafted of pure diamond.
Huge windows on both sides of the room is letting in the sunlight.
There are no obvious exits.
After a hard and fair struggle a competing mortal has reached the end
of the gauntlet. As usual after someone has won the gauntlet there are
some angry screams from the gods who had placed their bet on the wrong
mortal. But, as always, things cool down quickly and the gods award the
winning mortal. Congratulations Searc!
Info: The gauntlet event has ended.
Thank you for participating in the gauntlet event.
Lumine, Mistress of Twilight suddently appears sitting on the throne.
Lumine stands up and walks towards you.
hp: 758 (1833) [+95] sp: 35 (35) [] ep: 424 (424) cash: 80475 [] exp: 446156
Lumine says 'I've been chosen, because of my neutrality, to come here to our
 humble guest room and deliver the prize that you've earned.'
Lumine reaches inside her robe and pulls out an item.
Lumine says 'We, in the pantheon, have decided that you should have this.'
Lumine hands you the item and you humbly accept it.
Lumine says 'Congratulations Searc.'
Lumine snaps her fingers and an exit appears in front of you.
Posted: 08 Dec 2018 02:00 [ permalink ]
You are prepared to do the skill.
You realize that Valentina is running out of choices and deceitfully show
on her. You lower your kraftigar as a sign of trust and offer your hand to
Valentina, who reaches for it. You hide your smirk, and disgustingly raise
weapon to slash Valentina.
Valentina collapses on her knees.
Utilizing all her strength, she heaves her hand toward the sky and manages to
send a final whisper with her dying breath '..L-Las.. W..hy-y..ha..av..ave
yo...yo...youu forsak...' 
      Her lifeless body lets out a faint *THUD* as it hits the ground... 
                   ... and then silence.
Your heart rejoices the cruel death of something Holy.  You feel BAD!
Shadow of Draen-Dalar eerily echoes 'Now that the wench is dead by mortal
 hands, and thus out of the protective reach of Las, I can finally get my
 on that sacred relic without beginning an upheaval in heavens.' 
You REALLY feel chaos pulse inside you!
Valentina loses the privilege to live.
Valentina is DEAD, R.I.P.
Posted: 09 Jul 2018 23:28 [ permalink ]
The following messages seem to vibrate from a moonstone vest, powerful and
It is called vest and identified as 'vest' and 'moonstone vest'.
It takes the following slots: torso.
It contains a tale;
  This very rare item was found from the ruins guarded by Moonrind the ent.
  Who crafted this item is a great mystery, but it might have been some
  precursor of the human race. This item might have once been something far
  more greater, but now it is just a powerful relic of a forgotten
It will insignificantly improve your ability at the spell minor heal.
It will slightly improve your wis.
It will insignificantly improve your str.
It increases your healing power.
Searc did the heroic deed to bring this piece of equipment before you and it
been in the game for 9min and 3s. It is very light. 
Posted: 05 Jun 2018 01:07 [ permalink ]
+-------------------------------=( Avenge )=---------------------------------+
| Owner:         Searc                                                       |
| Description:   a well-balanced tadmium claymore 'Avenge' of Atorian        |
| origin with a cross-guard                                                  |
| Weapon type:   claymore                                                    |
| Evolution:     1 trait(s)                                                  |
+--------------------------=( Evolution details )=---------------------------+
| Ability                   Current Potential    True Potential              |
| Stat hp regen             paltry               divine                      |
+------------------------------=( Materials )=-------------------------------+
| Tadmium                        50%                                         |
| Tungsten                       50%                                         |
+-------------------------=( Manuscript Details )=---------------------------+
| Evolutionary traits           : 20%                                        |
| Strike lethality              : 20%                                        |
| Weapon quality improvement    : 20%                                        |
More (55%) [qpbns?]  The chaos swirls through you.
hp: 755 (1524) [-248] sp: 23 (24) [+13] ep: 283 (413) cash: 215594 [-10000]
exp: 94189 []

| Strike accuracy               : 20%                                        |
| Weapon damage improvement     : 20%                                        |
+----------------------------=( Current Power )=-----------------------------+
| Sword quality:       slight                                                |
| Sword sharpness:     slight                                                |
| Accuracy factor:     slight                                                |
| Lethality factor:    paltry                                                |
+---------------------------=( True Potential )=-----------------------------+
| Sword quality:       incredible                                            |
| Sword sharpness:     superb                                                |
| Accuracy factor:     superb                                                |
| Lethality factor:    superb                                                |
Posted: 19 May 2018 17:18 [ permalink ]
+----------------------------=( Lightbringer )=------------------------------+
| Owner:         Searc                                                       |
| Description:   a runed diamond two-handed sword 'Lightbringer' of orcish   |
| origin with three branch-like protrusions                                  |
| Weapon type:   2h sword                                                    |
| Evolution:     no evolutionary traits                                      |
+------------------------------=( Materials )=-------------------------------+
| Obsidian                       21%                                         |
| Diamond                        27%                                         |
| Tungsten                       25%                                         |
| Tormium                        27%                                         |
+-------------------------=( Manuscript Details )=---------------------------+
| Evolutionary traits           : 20%                                        |
| Strike lethality              : 20%                                        |
| Weapon quality improvement    : 20%                                        |
| Weapon damage improvement     : 20%                                        |
More (57%) [qpbns?]  
| Strike accuracy               : 20%                                        |
+----------------------------=( Current Power )=-----------------------------+
| Sword quality:       pathetic                                              |
| Sword sharpness:     pathetic                                              |
| Accuracy factor:     pathetic                                              |
| Lethality factor:    pathetic                                              |
+---------------------------=( True Potential )=-----------------------------+
| Sword quality:       excellent                                             |
| Sword sharpness:     great                                                 |
| Accuracy factor:     excellent                                             |
| Lethality factor:    average                                               |
Posted: 08 Oct 2010 17:02 [ permalink ]
Routa tells you 'lol vittu'
Routa tells you 'meinas sotkee koko vitun pöydän ku runkkasin :D'
Routa tells you 'räjähtiki sit nohevasti paperin yli ettei mittää'
Routa tells you 'nyt saan sit hinkata lasipöydältä mällei poies seitan'
Posted: 22 Jul 2009 21:06 [ permalink ]
Rebirth to Eternal: 22.7.2009
Posted: 14 Jan 2009 13:23 [ permalink ]
Glaurung [suomi]: miehet ja naiset on erilaisia, naiset on hyviä joissain
                  asioissa, miehet on hyviä tärkeissä asioissa
Posted: 27 Dec 2008 11:29 [ permalink ]
Moonlord tells you 'näin susta unta. seurasit mua jollekin arealle ja
hyökkäsit päälle kun olin heikossa hapessa. hakkasit puolustuskyvyttömäksi ja
heitit säkkiin (kuuluit uuteen kiltaan joka keräs orjia). mutta säkissä join
heti shrinking potionin, ja paino tippui niin että sä luulit mun päässeen
pakoon. tiputit säkin ja lähdit katseleen mihin juoksin, ja mä odotin säkin
sisällä hyvää hetkeä paeta :D' (Sat Dec 27 08:29:30 2008)
Posted: 30 Nov 2008 21:05 [ permalink ]
You pay for the service and get some useful information.
+--------------------------------=( Avenge )=----------------------------------
| Owner:         Searc                                                        
| Description:   an adamantium no-dachi 'Avenge'                           
| Weapon type:   no-dachi                                                  
| Evolution:     no evolutionary traits                                    
+-------------------------------=( Materials )=----------------------------
| Adamantium                     100%                                      
+--------------------------=( Manuscript Details )=------------------------
| Evolutionary traits           : 20%                                      
| Strike lethality              : 20%                                      
| Weapon quality improvement    : 20%                                      
| Weapon damage improvement     : 20%                                      
| Strike accuracy               : 20%                                      
+-----------------------------=( Current Power )=--------------------------
| Sword quality:       crude                                               
| Sword sharpness:     crude                                               
| Accuracy factor:     pathetic                                            
| Lethality factor:    meager                                              
+----------------------------=( True Potential )=--------------------------
| Sword quality:       great                                               
| Sword sharpness:     average                                             
| Accuracy factor:     pathetic                                            
| Lethality factor:    divine                                              
Posted: 21 Jul 2008 01:26 [ permalink ]
[01:23]:Awed (darkness+): jumalauta!
[01:24]:Awed (darkness+): ei tälläsii helppei ollu damolla ku mie olin nubu
[01:24]:Awed (darkness+): "Slot:" tai "Spell:" tai "Donated Caster Items:"
[01:24]:Juo (darkness+): :)
[01:24]:Awed (darkness+): jos otit jonku silkki huivin vahingossa ku piti
ottaa kirves nii voi voi :|
Posted: 18 Jul 2008 20:55 [ permalink ]
Ghost of Ksahn (party): ei voi karata ambushista jos ei oo hbta
Posted: 04 May 2008 18:38 [ permalink ]
Group: updates (#550/559)
From: Ulath (Lvl: 150 [Wizard] Age: 30y, 103d, 16min and 8s)
Subject: Clones testrun #2
Date: Mon Apr 14 13:03:08 2008
Rating: 0 Votes: 2


the second testrun for the clones event went remarkably better than the first

About ~70 players lost their lives to the clones, most killed by their own
clone. All clones were also killed by players.

The adventurous party of Amd, Nuane, Farliss, Huppu, Zinko, Halle, Mahon,
Searc and Andthi also succesfully rid the world of the clonemaster, gracefully
ending the event.

A few bugs were again discovered, which will be addressed;
a) Drow clones caused problems (that's because their racial shadow bugged)
b) It seems that nuns' Synod-points were once again reset by the clones; Dazzt
is looking into this, and it will also be fixed
c) Clones did not award sabre points; they will do so from this point forward.

Now I need your final feedback. What would you change? Are the clones too
powerful? Not powerful enough? Should the clones of mounted guilds have a
mount? Any comment is welcome.

Rgds, your friendly neighbourhood Sage

PS. Yes, these new clones will replaces the old ones, and will be referred to
as simply 'clones'.

Posted: 18 Mar 2008 19:47 [ permalink ]
Black Reaver shouts 'Desert bites the dust!'

kihkihkih, aavikko söi hiekkaa
Posted: 10 Mar 2008 14:01 [ permalink ]
Nazrix tells you 'thought I would threaten you for entertainment instead of
 reading about law'
Posted: 09 Mar 2008 23:05 [ permalink ]
You lose sight of the world as you howl madly and rush towards Troll slashing
fiercely with your claws, tearing the very essence of his strength out with
the shreds as you devour them with lightning speed, feeling his blood
strengthen your claws as you continue rending Troll leaving him a crying weak
Crying for chaos the foolish weakling tries to summon what strength might be
left, calling on his heretic god for help, but you know chaos is not here to
help him as you sink your claw into his head and howl in a mad rush.
Posted: 26 Feb 2008 17:13 [ permalink ]
Your battle cadence grants you another attack!
Your battle cadence grants you another attack!
Your battle cadence grants you another attack!
Your battle cadence grants you another attack!
Your battle cadence grants you another attack!
Your battle cadence grants you another attack!
Your battle cadence grants you another attack!
Searc hits Piston 22 times making rib bones snap and crack.
Posted: 13 Dec 2007 13:44 [ permalink ]
pwho searc
{  Quacky  } Halle the Duck < p >
(  Eternal ) Peelo Puskaryssa the Barsoomian < p >
(    91    ) Searc R'otta the Barsoomian is a spawn of chaos < p >
{ Assassin } Susette the Furious Barsoomian < p >
4 players shown. (<>=Wizard, {}=Leader, []=Mortal, ()=Reborn)

Shezot exclaims 'vitu apinat!'

Shezot is near death.

Halle traces fiery blue runes in the air '^ !)' (Flex shield)
Halle's druidstaff is surrounded by a sudden cloudburst, and you can see her
 glorying in sheer power.
You sense Peelo's body being covered by a flex shield.
Susette tears Shezot causing heart tissue to fly everywhere.
A large cavity replaces Shezot's chest.

Posted: 15 Nov 2007 18:55 [ permalink ]
18:44 < hemmmmmo> vittu et on ikävä kirjoittaa ku etusormi auki
18:44 < hemmmmmo> tuo yks horo tiputti tuopin yöllä lattailla
18:44 < hemmmmmo> ja aukes sormi ku siivosin sitä
18:52 < hemmmmmo> enkä saanu ees pillua sitlä
18:52 < hemmmmmo> en tiiä oisko nyt muutenkaan antanu, mut ei parantany
                  tsänssejä ku yks toinen muija ilmoitti ton nähden meseen et
                  mulla on vissiin klamydia
Posted: 08 Nov 2007 16:19 [ permalink ]
I'm the old man of the mountainsleader of
Muslim warriors
I hand them the revelating pipe
Then they know the after-life
Wherever I order suicide
You will sacrifice
Jump, jump off the wall
Allah will receive you all
Fanatic assassins
Fanatic assassins
You are my war machines
Your minds painted blood-red
I'll wash your souls so white
Invincible in any fight
Posted: 08 Nov 2007 15:30 [ permalink ]
You growl furiously 'Grrrnaakk Azt-Glassyallobolas'
As you call upon the forces of Tzarakk your surroundings start to twist and
distort into morbid mutations. The ground howls soulessly as demonic forces
rip through it and dark spectral tentacles sprout violently about, in search
of prey.
A spectral tentacle darts at Alaron and grabs him.
Because of the low amount of unidle players you receive some additional
experience for your kill.
Alaron dies in a massive fit of convulsions.
Alaron is DEAD, R.I.P.
A spectral tentacle darts at Osir and grabs him.
Because of the low amount of unidle players you receive some additional
experience for your kill.
Osir gets an acute case of iron-poisoning.
Osir is DEAD, R.I.P.
A spectral tentacle darts at Tampio and grabs him.
Because of the low amount of unidle players you receive some additional
experience for your kill.
You hear the horrendous death-cry of the Tampio as it dies.
Tampio is DEAD, R.I.P.
The spectral tentacles retreat into the ground, and everything grows
unnervingly still once more.
Posted: 07 Nov 2007 16:56 [ permalink ]
'Avenge', a solid unicorn [Yours]
Ulath opens a door in thin air, scuttles in, running on his 84 arms like a
'Avenge', a solid unicorn turns into a pile of dust.
Ulath opens a door in thin air, jumps down on his 84 arms and scuttles away.

Vittumaisia wizuja täällä pelissä
Posted: 27 Oct 2007 19:56 [ permalink ]
You join the Slaves of the Beastmaster.

A dark and hateful voice inside your head roars:
 'Sssssslave! You belong to me, flesh and mind. You shall hunt with my pack
  and draw blood with my beasts. You shall devour our enemies and crush the
  settlements that we meet with unforseen fury and strength.
  Seek out my temple, in the deep forests of Lucentium. In it you are
  safe from the forces of order. Learn about my path and show no fear, for
  a beast you now are. Learn to use your hate against those who hate you,
  and never leave an enemy standing. For rage is your ally.'
Posted: 27 Oct 2007 18:09 [ permalink ]
(18:06) Byleth tells you 'ahahaha'
(18:06) Byleth tells you 'eile bongattii xxx:n kanssa chatista joku akka ja
 sitä kaks päällä :D'
(18:06) Byleth tells you 'kyl :DDD'
(18:06) Byleth tells you 'toppilassa'
(18:07) Byleth tells you 'jep jep, vuorotelle toine alla ja toine perseesee
(18:08) Byleth tells you 'vittu että repesin, kortsu räjähti ku yritti
Posted: 27 Oct 2007 11:05 [ permalink ]
An angelic broadsword, demons bane <red glow>

With tag score of 1, took the tag and went idle, I AM INVINCIBLE

Also, got the weapon bugging, it is now with a desc of An angelig great axe,
demons bane <red glow> but still handles as a broadsword, might be for sale
too, feel free to tell me your offers for this special item produced by a bug
Posted: 19 Sep 2007 14:20 [ permalink ]
I've now decided to use mounts fully. Because of that, I must obey the
restrictions of the Knights guild.

-I CANNOT kill any raceshrine monsters! (Uruia, Moominmamma, Wingo&Pingo,
Mork&Gork, MacCarthy etc...)

-I CANNOT kill any shopkeepers from Batcity. Candy girl, Bankguard, Tince,
Sister Mabelle etc are all forbidden.

-From the CRIMSON GUILD, I CANNOT kill anything in the same room with RANA or
MARCO. Though I CAN kill all other monsters from the guild.

-I CANNOT kill any SpiderGMs. sniff :)

-I WILL NOT kill any city citizens in Donaru, Red Tides or Firefox

+I will join all offered GATEKEEPER parties though. :)

+I CAN kill little barbies and Derek in barbarians guild.

+From Batcity I CAN kill Stone lion, Catfolk Lady etc... (just to mention few)

Also I CAN KILL many "shopkeepers" and other monsters which are on areas which
are not included in the knight restrictions.
Posted: 16 Sep 2007 19:49 [ permalink ]
Peelo asks 'onko varmaa btw ettei v-oldista vedä ancientiks?'
Capula melodically hums 'peelo next.'
Posted: 16 Sep 2007 18:16 [ permalink ]
[18:14]:Maximus {wanted}: exprep for repbarb I guess
(18:15) Maximus tells you 'ääääh 20sec ilman offerii :P menisköhä sit vidduu'

Posted: 14 Sep 2007 11:18 [ permalink ]
(11:17) Darol tells you 'katoin tossa tota juon blogia että onpas järjetöntä
 mut sit fingerasin ja luin sun planis että sähän oot tosiaan melkein muijan
Posted: 05 Sep 2007 16:14 [ permalink ]
Predator tells you 'hahahaha castin just infravisionin että nään lukea
 newsit. Tulipa retardiolo'
Posted: 19 Aug 2007 13:43 [ permalink ]
Darol <kepucon>: montakos muijaa!
Nina {kepucon}: 3?
Darol <kepucon>: ei voi olla ku yhteensä 53! muutenhan se ois sit 56!
Darol <kepucon>: taidat juksata!
Awed (kepucon): nin,maly ja kukas?
Nina {kepucon}: eikos necrobarbie ollut neiti kans
Zenor (kepucon): necrobarbie
Awed (kepucon): aini!
Predator [kepucon]: ja Searc
Ggr [kepucon]: :D
Nina {kepucon}: searc ois kylla natti tyttonaki
Nina {kepucon}: onhan se sen verrazn sieva poitsu
Awed (kepucon): nooh, makuasia=)
Predator [kepucon]: haha
Xunisiih (kepucon): joku vois tulostaa tuon ninan kommentin ja sitten
searcille siitä name-tagi :)
Awed (kepucon): :D
Darol <kepucon>: onneks ite oon niin ruma et jos siel om joku nätin näköinen
niin hyvin tasottuu sit keskiarvo :P
Awed (kepucon): darol, ollaa miinuksen puolella ja komeesti.. sinne on
kuitenki tulossa mudareita :D
Awed (kepucon): tai siis.. tässä tapauksessa ei komeesti vaa rumasti
Darol <kepucon>: joo :)
Posted: 20 Jun 2007 21:42 [ permalink ]
Maximus tells Nyt, Kelpais, Oikeen, Kunnon, Pano and you '*drool*'
Posted: 20 Jun 2007 18:06 [ permalink ]
He vanishes,
and then he reappears instantly
on the other side
of the stage, mute, overweight
and, unless I'm mistaken, very drunk.
It's astonishing. How does
he do it?
Posted: 13 Jun 2007 22:12 [ permalink ]
22:06 < Searcci> se o täl hetkel kaupungin puutarhapuolel duunis, pomo sano
                 että ootko joku ammattilaispuutarhuri ku tulee noin hyvää
                 jälkeä. piti päästä sit sanomaan että "ooks joku puutarhuri
                 ammatiltas, koska kokki et selkeesti ole" vaan vittuku se
                 laittaa hyvää safkaaki =P
22:06 < sakke-> ok
22:06 < sakke-> mut varmaa sitte pesee hyvin pyykin jne?
22:06 < kaltsa> munkin akka on kaupungilla puutarhahommissa
22:06 < Searcci> hmm puhutaankohan samasta akasta =D
22:07 < kaltsa> ja sillekin on sanottu, että oletko ammattilainen
22:07 < Biron> taitaa olla sama hupakko
22:07 < kaltsa> nyt alkaa epäilyttämään
22:07 < Searcci> jep =D
22:07 < kaltsa> tosin mun akka ei osaa laittaa ruokaa
22:07 < Searcci> mikäs kaupunki =D
22:07 < kaltsa> tampere
22:07 < Dickson> "mäkin"
22:07 < Searcci> njoo ei sun akkas sattumoisin oulus oo =D
22:08 < Biron> [22:07] -> *kaltsa* sano oulu!
22:08 < Biron> en kerenny!
22:08 < kaltsa> et ihan
22:08 < Kjeldon> hah
22:09 < DasYasha> ois voinu kyl pohjustaa kunnon pilaa :)
22:09 < Searcci> =D
22:09 < Biron> oisin päässy urkkimaan faktoja ja ois voinu syöttää kaltsalle
               sitte hyviä vastauksia :)
22:09 < sakke-> eikö riitä että on isot tissit?
22:09 < Biron> no pitäs sen rikaski olla
22:09 < Searcci> noh ei silti, en ois ollu turhan huolissani
22:10 < DasYasha> itekki meinasin syöttää kaltsalel vähän vastauksia :)
22:10 < Biron> eläpä searcci ruppee, kaikki mitä ircissä/mudissa sanotaan on
22:10 < kaltsa> rikkaus on kaikkein tärkein ominaisuus
Posted: 16 May 2007 15:12 [ permalink ]
Kapula (horde+): ei kasia, ei sormia?
Kapula (horde+): lottoooh
Farliss (horde+): ei nakojaan :D
Posted: 14 May 2007 11:13 [ permalink ]
[11:09]:Daerid [horde+]: töistä mudaus o/
[11:10]:Kapula (horde+): ei oo mittaa tekemista!
[11:10]:Caruth [horde+]: voi ku kerkeiski ku o miesvihaaja pomo
[11:10]:Caruth [horde+]: ja pomon huoneessa ainoo internet yhteys! :D
[11:11]:Caruth [horde+]: sen jälkee lohikäärme luolat tunnu missää!
[11:11]:Daerid [horde+]: njooh, mullakin on kyl joku she-beast :)
[11:11]:Daerid [horde+]: onneks se pysyy luolassaan pääosin
[11:11]:Caruth [horde+]: joo mut tää wanderoi
[11:12]:Daerid [horde+]: tää kans :p
[11:12]:Daerid [horde+]: pelottaa aggrota sitä mudaamalla
[11:12]:Searc (horde+): apua, eihän ne agroja
[11:12]:Daerid [horde+]: kyl tää mun meinaa välil agrota
[11:12]:Searc (horde+): muistakaa sneak ja invis
[11:12]:Caruth [horde+]: agroja ne o aina... sellasia näkyy ei agro värillä ja
agroo sit
[11:12]:Daerid [horde+]: jooh, liekkö bugi
Posted: 07 May 2007 13:09 [ permalink ]
Lightscape (wanted): batmud to be renamed as FerryMUD
Xortoth [wanted]: i think whinemud would suit it better
Zammy [wanted]: FerryMUD <annoyingly slow> ?
Durand <wanted>: would you rather swim?
<wanted>: Durand snickers.
Posted: 16 Apr 2007 23:54 [ permalink ]
Now you will receive us. We do not ask for your poor or your hungry. We do not
want your tired and sick. It is your corrupt we claim. It is your evil that
will be saught by us. With every breath we shall hunt them down. Each day we
will spill their blood til it rains down from the skies. Do not kill, do not
rape, do not steal. These are principles, which every man of every faith can
embrace. These are not polite suggestions, these are codes of behaviour and
those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost. There are varying
degrees of evil. We urge you lesser forms of filth not to push the bounds and
cross over into true corruption, into our domain. But if you do, one day
you will look behind you and you will see we three, and on that day, you will
reap it. And we will send you to whatever god you wish. And shepherds we shall
be, for thee my Lord for thee, power hath descended forthfrom thy hand, that
our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. We shall flow a river forth to
thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be. In nomine patrie, Et fili,
Spiritus sancti
Posted: 03 Apr 2007 16:42 [ permalink ]
Routa RUSLANAS the Titan Conan < . >
Ruslanas ROUTA the Fire Giant on jäässä < (.)(.) >
Posted: 30 Mar 2007 18:47 [ permalink ]
Grizzt shouts 'In heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here!'
Posted: 02 Mar 2007 16:01 [ permalink ]
16:00 < ettra718> vituttaa ei oo pillua ja aina rapula
16:00 < ettra718> söörkin perus
Posted: 26 Feb 2007 09:25 [ permalink ]
Shar (wanted): party or reanimation
Posted: 24 Feb 2007 15:33 [ permalink ]
(  Eternal ) Farliss Windust-Maclay the Titan -- the SUPERGIRL! < . >
{ Guardian } Routa RUSLANAS the Gargantuan dragonscale Gargoyle Jammu setä < .
(   Elder  ) Searc R'otta the Gnoll tc11 mak7 < . >
[15:32]:Routa {party}: mikset chanttaa corpsei neekeri
[15:32]:Farliss (party): ai pitasko
[15:32]:Routa {party}: no näemmä pittäis
[15:32]:Farliss (party): et sie polta?
[15:33]:Routa {party}: poltan?
[15:33]:Routa {party}: dajsök
[15:33]:Searc (party): ööö
[15:33]:Routa {party}: LICH CHANTTI
[15:33]:Routa {party}: vitun neeker
[15:33]:Farliss (party): ei o lichei
[15:33]:Searc (party): kuka tääl o lichi =D
[15:33]:Routa {party}: jaa!
Posted: 06 Feb 2007 14:48 [ permalink ]
14:44 <@Warlock^> mietin just et millä sitä tultiin baarista
14:44 <@Warlock^> ei muista
14:44 <@Searcci> en oo kyllä herraa hetkeen noin kännis nähny
14:44 <@Warlock^> :D
14:44 <@Searcci> sie kai kävelit, örisit troijassa jotaki ja ryntäsit ovesta
                 pihalle =D
14:44 <@Warlock^> hahaha
14:44 <@Searcci> taino en oo nähny ikinä niin kännis
14:44 <@Warlock^> hyvä
14:44 <@Searcci> nukuit vissii siinä troijan tiskillä, tilasit sapuskaaki
                 muttet maksanu14:45 
<@Searcci> lensithän tuota vissiin mestasta pihalle?
14:45 <@Warlock^> :o
14:46 <@Pimea> njoo oltiin alakertaan menossa jätkän kanssa, niin setä tulikin
               opastamaan pihalle
14:46 <@Warlock^> ok
14:46 <@Pimea> heh, repesin kyllä Troijassa kun se myyjä kysy että mitäs
               "Kuulostaa hyvältä, laita semmonen"
Posted: 04 Jan 2007 23:17 [ permalink ]
By Edha

Peralla oli kitarassaan 13milliset kielet, tuhat mikkiä ja yksi minni, jota
nämä mikit raiskailivat.

2mummua meni mustikkaan, jonne tuli mustapukuiset gestapomiehet ja raiskas ne
Posted: 27 Dec 2006 15:43 [ permalink ]
15:41 < Darksmith> luulin että kummitätiinki voi aina luottaa ni lähetti setin
                   haarukoita ja veittiä, ei siinä hieno setti se o mutta ei
                   sillä kaljaa juua
Posted: 13 Dec 2006 18:05 [ permalink ]
18:02 <@Searcci> nuolis jotaki akkaa =DDD
18:03 <@Searcci> "liian hapokasta, ei pysty"
18:03 < qke> :DD
18:03 < Pimea> :-D
18:03 < Huuge>
18:03 < qke> haluaisin kyl nähdä sen akan ilmeen sitte
18:03 <@Searcci> ok, skaba sit kuka tota kokeilee ekana
18:04 <@Searcci> =D
18:04 < Huuge> heh...kaatuu heti skapa, kukaan ei pääse nuoleen mitää akkaa :
Posted: 08 Dec 2006 19:08 [ permalink ]
Freld [suomi]: nyt vendari saariki uppos kuiteki ja meni giga kankkulan

Posted: 02 Dec 2006 16:54 [ permalink ]
16:50 <@leegis-> röh röh
16:51 <@leegis-> äidin porsaita oomme kaikki, oomme kaikki
16:51 < cenard> joululauluja!
16:51 <@leegis-> miten ois joku kiva lauluilta perinteisen lauantaikännäämisen
16:51 < Warl0ck^> vaiko porsaita äidin
16:51 < Warl0ck^> no sama asia
16:51 <@leegis-> eiku joo :D
16:51 < cenard> :DDD
16:52 < Warl0ck^> hei tenttu-ukot hyppikää

Posted: 01 Dec 2006 13:14 [ permalink ]
From the present falls tarnished Golden Helm <red glow>.
From the present falls a genuine BatBanana (tm).
From the present falls a red christmas hat with a jingle bell.
From the present falls an iron dagger.
From the present falls A majestical ruby necklace <red glow>.
From the present falls a Golden Cap Cider.
From the present falls a gleaming pendant crafted from fresh mithril <red
From the present falls tarnished Golden Helm <red glow>.
From the present falls a magic cloak.
From the present falls a red christmas hat with a jingle bell.
From the present falls a porcelain longsword.
From the present falls a match.
From the present falls a burlap collar.
From the present falls a Pernod.
From the present falls an iron claymore.
From the present falls a red christmas hat with a jingle bell.
From the present falls order of gravlocks.
From the present falls Ebony Bracers.
From the present falls a Chianti Villa Antinori.
Posted: 01 Dec 2006 01:23 [ permalink ]
(   Elder  ) Amd Agro'Naut the Titan wannabe Barbarian < dumdi..dum... >
(  Ancient ) Handless Player the brown Centaur < dumdi..dum... >
(  Eternal ) Lammas Paisti the transparent Shadow < dumdi..dum... >
(  Addict  ) Merioli the Thrikhren < dumdi..dum... >
( Excelsior) Searc R'otta the member of Catfolk < dumdi..dum... >

Seems the most "Nolife" rank is Excelsior then =(
Posted: 27 Nov 2006 19:39 [ permalink ]
[19:37]:Entor (darkness+): damn saan gnoll priestille .3cm lyhemma wissi ku
[19:38]:Ritari [darkness+]: niiku tuolla batin raceinfoissa?
[19:38]:Entor (darkness+): ues
Posted: 25 Nov 2006 18:06 [ permalink ]
[18:05]:Andthi [party]: miks batin equtus pitää olla tämmöstä lasinsirpaleiden
tunkemista anukseen
Posted: 22 Nov 2006 20:23 [ permalink ]
[20:21]:Xyloid [nightlife+]: wtf is an expleecher?
[20:22]:Xyloid [nightlife+]: fucker took 50k exp.. guess I kill it. any idea
how big?
Xyloid is a level 99 mortal of the Moomin race.
Posted: 20 Nov 2006 17:31 [ permalink ]
Routa tells you 'näin unta että poltin isovanhempien talon :D'
Routa tells you 'päikkäreil :D'
Posted: 29 Oct 2006 11:30 [ permalink ]
Hatefreezer tells you (irl) : käskettiin tulla ettimään sellasta nättiä
poikaa, sinä oot varmaan se searcci

Posted: 24 Oct 2006 12:54 [ permalink ]
[12:50]:Juo (darkness+): this is about xxx yyy and zzz wanting invites
[12:50]:Mahon [darkness+]: wanting invites? i thought everyone was randomly
[12:51]:Juo (darkness+): oh yeah lets invite players randomly
[12:52]:Juo (darkness+): using dice player
[12:52]:Juo (darkness+): dice player
[12:52]:Juo (darkness+): You roll a 137 sided die 1 time: Eksrei
[12:52]:Juo (darkness+): want a second one?
[12:52]:Arnac (darkness+): :D
[12:52]:Juo (darkness+): dice player
[12:52]:Juo (darkness+): You roll a 137 sided die 1 time: Lurppa
[12:52]:Searc (darkness+): =DDD
[12:52]:Juo (darkness+): woah, 1x crimso and hmmmm
[12:52]:Juo (darkness+): i wonder what lurppa is
[12:52]:Juo (darkness+): atleast lowshare, which rocks while doing eq!
Posted: 16 Oct 2006 15:15 [ permalink ]
*Juo niin ei vituta.
Posted: 13 Oct 2006 15:30 [ permalink ]
Jason Vorhees smiles madly and threatens 'I was only warming up, Searc. This
time I'll get mad!'
You savagely shave Jason Vorhees causing heart tissue to fly everywhere.
Because of the low amount of unidle players you receive some additional
experience for your kill.
Jason Vorhees staggers for a moment, then drops to the ground, lifeless.
Jason Vorhees is DEAD, R.I.P.
Acidia arrives from west.
Atomska arrives from west.
Jason Vorhees suddenly sits upright!!!
Jason Vorhees is in excellent shape.
 70619: Jason Vorhees the Human       
Posted: 14 Sep 2006 20:39 [ permalink ]
 158850: Jacobi, the vampire lord of Berul        

Searc rolls: 99.

Posted: 13 Sep 2006 15:59 [ permalink ]
*SPLAT* You throw the snowball and hit Elthar in the face.
Name            Number of hits
----            --------------
Searc               25
Larppa              16
Enochian            17
Searc is awarded 39 batium for winning the snowball fight.
You receive 1 task points for completing 'SNOWBALL!' task.

Juggelo awards Searc 1 points for completing 'SNOWBALL!' task.
Posted: 30 Aug 2006 11:29 [ permalink ]
Nasu [suomi]:   search ........ look for hidden items
Posted: 23 Aug 2006 16:41 [ permalink ]
Niko sanoo:
There is nothing very unique here, just more trees. To the northeast is the
badger's lair while to the northwest are some bushes accompanied by sounds of
upset snakes. This seems like a good place to hunt for some branches to give
to the badger. Venturing northwest is recommended for only the prepared
Above you is a chilly, still, heavily clouded night sky. The moon is not
Obvious exits are: nw and ne.
a large branch covered in leaves

Niko sanoo:
Niko sanoo:
ei kyl tosta saa mitää
Searcci sanoo:
Searcci sanoo:
mite ois get branch?
Searcci sanoo:
Niko sanoo:
lolz  :D
Posted: 23 Aug 2006 13:24 [ permalink ]
13:17 < Searcci> mielenkiintonen banneri
13:17 < DeKaded> megavitutus kyllä päällä
13:18 < DeKaded> noh ei pitäs ottaa näitä tämmösiä takaiskuja ihan näin
13:19 < Searcci> Pherlure (Di-dehydroepiandosterone) -> Attract sex instantly
                 -> 100% guaranteed -> every scent counts
13:19 < Searcci> mikäs takaisku?
13:19 < DeKaded> :S
13:19 < DeKaded> noh rupes tekeen taas olutta mieli tuossa eilen illalla
13:19 < Searcci> and then?
13:20 < DeKaded> äkkiäkös keksin hakea 12 päkin tuosta alakerran siwasta ja
                 sitten rupesikin siinä nousuhumalassa panettaan kuten
13:20 < Searcci> aand theen?
13:20 < DeKaded> anna mää selostan
13:20 < Searcci> and then?
13:20 < Searcci> joo kerro vaan
13:20 < Searcci> en muista mistä toi o
13:20 < DeKaded> no lyhyesti kumminki hommasin sinne pari muijaa sillee et
                 haluutteko tulla käymään
13:20 < DeKaded> sit sinne pamahtikin kämppis paikalle
13:21 < DeKaded> ja sitten kattoa vähän aikaa ja tuumasi et eiss kai munki
                 pitää juoda
13:21 < DeKaded> sitten tarjottiin tytöille muutamat oluet
13:21 < DeKaded> ja sitten tulee tää kämppiksen joku kaveri
13:21 < Searcci> kuulostaa kyllä helvetin kohtalokkaalta tarinalta sofar
13:21 < DeKaded> ja vittu ku yhtä siinä yritin lämmitellä
13:22 < DeKaded> niin eiköhän tämä kämppiksen kaveri oo joku vitun
                 portugali/suomalainen vaihto-oppilas
13:22 < Searcci> aaahahahaha
13:22 < Searcci> tsori =P
13:22 < DeKaded> tupakilla ehdin käydä ja ihmetellä et mitäs vittua miks mun
                 huoneen ovi on lukos
13:22 < DeKaded> noh avaan sen avaimilla niin siellähän ne painaa jo prkl
Posted: 19 Aug 2006 18:03 [ permalink ]
You tell Handless and Maximus 'piti valita expa tai nainen ja valittin sen
Handless tells Maximus and you 'MITÄ VITTUA! :D'
Posted: 17 Aug 2006 16:41 [ permalink ]
16:39 < Searcci> vonkaaminen on ihan turhaa, oon päättäny et saavat tulla ite
                 hakemaan mitä haluaa
16:39 < Skyt> ei ne tule :P
16:39 < Skyt> ehkä sulle kun oot kaunis poika
16:39 < Skyt> onneksi kauniitkin kuolee kirveellä!
16:40 < Skyt> ei tartte ruman pojan itkeä
Posted: 09 Aug 2006 14:59 [ permalink ]
Ulath [suomi]: Missäköhän se oli.. iltalehdessä oikeen semmonen OU MAI
 GAAD-artikkeli pari päivää sitte ku SIILI oli syöny PIKKULINNUN
Ruttuturpa [suomi]: tappajasiili!
Ulath [suomi]: Oli lapset oikeen nähny ja voi ku kauheeta!
Shardik <suomi>: siileihin en luottais kyllä, juonikkaita pikku paskiaisia
Huppu (suomi): pikkulapset sisätiloihin, siilit syö lihaa
Posted: 23 Jul 2006 12:27 [ permalink ]
(12:26) Kori tells you 'kauas nykyaa bootti kestaa?'
(12:27) Kori tells you 'luulin et 15min ni jäin suihkuu runkkaa'
Posted: 22 Jul 2006 17:53 [ permalink ]
Ghost of Handless (party): yeah, thanks for the exp
Posted: 22 Jul 2006 02:39 [ permalink ]
(02:33) Routa tells Ruttuturpa and you 'MINÄHÄ SE OLEN UKKOMIES:D'
(02:34) Ruttuturpa tells Routa and you 'LOL'
(02:34) Routa tells Ruttuturpa and you ':DDDD'
(02:34) Ruttuturpa tells Routa and you 'vittu villeimmis unissas ehkä :D'
(02:34) Routa tells Ruttuturpa and you 'eiku oikeesti :D'
(02:34) Routa tells Ruttuturpa and you 'erkkiki tietää :D'
(02:34) Routa tells Ruttuturpa and you 'oon kertonu erkille kaik niiq :D'
(02:34) Routa tells Ruttuturpa and you 'kyl :D'
(02:34) Ruttuturpa tells Routa and you 'ennemmi tapan siut lapiol ku annan siu
(02:34) Routa tells Ruttuturpa and you 'tää o 16 2kk pääsä!!!!!'
(02:34) Routa tells Ruttuturpa and you ':D'
Posted: 19 Jul 2006 01:05 [ permalink ]
Searc (party): hei kisra, en tiiä oonko koskaa sanonu tätä sulle mutta
imaseppa paskaa =DDD
Chizra (party): varmaa sun listas toi ime_turvetta_paskiainen mitä oon rilyn
friendsroomis hihitelly jo useemma vuode :)
Posted: 19 Jul 2006 00:37 [ permalink ]
Screwdriver tells you 'Heys dude, you wanna join satanist+ ?'
Posted: 18 Jul 2006 23:23 [ permalink ]
The Moment Has Arrived! The Big Jackpot Drawing For:

After careful scientific and statistical studies were made,
it was decided seers would study the feces of a rabbit
and divine the true winner. After careful study and much
bickering as to the nature of life, the Winner was found to be
You just won the Lottery! You recieve 12238148 experience as the award!
Posted: 14 Jul 2006 08:16 [ permalink ]
mnii ja birthi oli 23.4.06

Elderiksi siis
Posted: 04 Jul 2006 13:25 [ permalink ]
Fobbis {party}: onks toi nicodemus paha?
Fobbis {party}: lot exp
Fobbis {party}: miksei tapeta sita?
Amd [party]: ei se hirvee
Searc (party): ei jaksa ilman magea
Searc (party): tappakaa pois, ite lähdin jo vetämää
[13:23]:Fobbis {report}: Crying nicodemus

Nicodemus shouts 'Fobbis dies from a single blow, well almost at least!'
Info: Fobbis dies.
Posted: 02 Jul 2006 21:22 [ permalink ]
[21:03]:Entor (wanted): some parties I havent abused yet with pulla, gimme
[21:03]:Arnac (wanted): i got fucking flounder u promised pulla
[21:04]:Entor (wanted): tuf lak
[21:04]:Stargazer [wanted]: she's lier!
[21:04]:Arnac (wanted): lousy cook
[21:04]:Sephiroth (wanted): she tried to kill my mount with her poison!
[21:04]:Nohri [wanted]: then just put a price on her head n shut up already
[21:04]:Nohri [wanted]: or at least move to different channel

Nohri is a level 46 mortal of the Elf race.
He was created Tue Apr 25 04:18:18 2006 and he is 12d, 18h and 16min old.
He has been linkdead for 10min and 2s now.
He has killed: Lorne, the newbie leader cowers in t.., 4920 exp
               Sesmar IV, the king of the valley, 118420 exp (party of 5)
He has no plan.
Posted: 28 Jun 2006 21:26 [ permalink ]
16:44 < DeKaded> tulipa mieleen tuosta
16:44 < DeKaded> kysy joku teini kalajoella juhannuksena et irkkaanko
16:44 < DeKaded> sanoin et joo
16:44 < DeKaded> sit "onko sul paljonki kuvii?"
16:44 < MaaN-MaTo> :D
16:44 < cenard> :DDDDDDDDD
16:44 < cenard> EIVVV
Posted: 22 Jun 2006 11:39 [ permalink ]
Crx tells you 'hyvää juhannusta kynis!'
Posted: 21 Jun 2006 09:55 [ permalink ]
[09:43]:Vyxxyn [newbie]: Where do I have to be to join a guild?
[09:47]:Jumbo the Helper [newbie]: have you taken your race guild lelvels?
[09:47]:Mykee [newbie]: in the middle of it.  q?
[09:47]:Vyxxyn [newbie]: I don't think so
[09:48]:Mykee [newbie]: you do lvls up to 10, then race lvls WITH lvls up to
[09:48]:Vyxxyn [newbie]: Ok thanks
[09:49]:Mykee [newbie]: example: lvl 10.  nothing more.  lvl 11.  then do race
lvl 1.  AND spend exp tp improve skills/spells.
[09:50]:Mykee [newbie]: then when all learned, go back to lvl 12.  level 2
race.  and MORE skills/spells.  later you do the same for guilds, i think.
[09:51]:Vyxxyn [newbie]: thanks
[09:51]:Topa [newbie]: what is wilderness survival?
[09:51]:Jumbo the Helper [newbie]: help skill wilderness survival
[09:51]:Mykee [newbie]: np.  it can confuse at 1st.

Mykee is a level 14 mortal of the Elf race.
He was created Mon Jun 05 06:23:43 2006 and he is 21h, 17min and 47s old.
He has been on for 29min and 29s, idle 4s.
He has killed: Whizz, the not so immortal (monster), 2328 exp
He has no plan.
Posted: 16 Jun 2006 18:18 [ permalink ]
17:47 < Searcci> eipä tässä, varmaan mukava ilta tulossa
17:47 < Searcci> taitaa naishommat kusta taas vaihteeks ja kaljaahan on =D
17:56 < Bollocs> Naishommat, HUOKS
17:57 < Searcci> =D
17:57 < Searcci> noniin siis vähän kuulostaa että kusee tää muuan säätö
18:04 < Bollocs> Vtuku kaikki säädöt aina kusee.
18:12 < Searcci> niinpä mut ei se siitä kauemmas ehtiny, taino ei se vielä
                 kussu mut niin, kuulostaa hyvältä ku "meidän pitäs puhua" =D
18:15 < Bollocs> Oijoi. Tuo ei koskaan lupaa mitään hyvää.
18:15 < Bollocs> Joko se haluaa erota, mennä naimisiin tai on raskaana.
18:16 < Searcci> =D
18:16 < Bollocs> Ehkä ensimmäinen vaihtoehto paras ;(
18:16 < Searcci> toi raskaana ois vitun hyvä vaihtoehto, vittu että jossain
                 vittuuntunu nuorimies =D
18:18 < Bollocs> =D
Posted: 04 Jun 2006 18:13 [ permalink ]
Aden (vsa+): pitäskö tulla vaasaan ,)
Div [vsa+]: upotan jannen betonisaappailla patteriniemen
Aden (vsa+): nah taidan pysyä poissa mutta jannea ois ollu
muksa nähdä
Div [vsa+]: juottaa sille raakaa pirtua ja loppuillasta
sytyttää tuleen <3
Posted: 04 Jun 2006 17:54 [ permalink ]
Searc (suomi): mitä kestoaiheita ei oo viel käytetty? sivarit ja intti?
Zumbalo (suomi): perseseksi
Nasu [suomi]: no sitähän mä just tässä ajattelin tehdä...
Posted: 04 Jun 2006 17:50 [ permalink ]
Crx [suomi]: täälä joku taas alko itkeen et rap on paskaa
Searc (suomi): niinpä yhybuhu itqvinku mannet kehiin =D
Crx [suomi]: Searc mee salille
Searc (suomi): mitä vittuu
Searc (suomi): miks mun pitäs salille mennä?
Blasterr <suomi>: noku oot Crx:n mielestä VIHATTU KYNIS! :D
Posted: 04 Jun 2006 17:28 [ permalink ]
[17:27]:Crx the owl [suomi]: mut se on huvittavinta tääl suomes ku näkee
irakilaisia 'räp henkisiä' Yankee takit päällä :D:D:D:
[17:27]:Mazzon [suomi]: Rap on sairaus.
[17:27]:Searc (suomi): ihan yhtä huvittavaa on nähdä räphenkisiä suomalaisia
[17:27]:Takku @hcbat [suomi]: mun mielesta yhta huvittavaa kansalaisuuteen ja
etnisyyteen katsomatta noi rap-pellet
Posted: 04 Jun 2006 17:09 [ permalink ]
Zenor [suomi]: musta alkaa tuntuun, että usa vois laittaa suomenkin sileäksi
 niin päästäs crx:stä
Posted: 02 Jun 2006 21:08 [ permalink ]
[19:12]:Balroc {sales}: serpentyne for sale/trade
[19:13]:Yggdrasil [sales]: does it have searc's name, he's been asking that
for months? :D
Posted: 31 May 2006 17:52 [ permalink ]
[17:48]:Nazrix [suomi]: dino on neekeri?
[17:48]:Dino <suomi>: Annetaampa channelbannia
Posted: 25 May 2006 12:20 [ permalink ]
You are prepared to do the skill.
You hit Corporal brutally in the arm annihilating living tissue AND quickly
hit again!
You hit Corporal softly in the leg causing a small scratch AND quickly hit
Error. Initialization info incomplete.
Corporal squeals in utter horrifying agony as his blood and internal organs
fall upon the ground.
Posted: 24 May 2006 18:22 [ permalink ]
 naamantai, taastai, plexiviikko, tormentai, perstai, lärväntai sammuntai
Posted: 18 May 2006 09:09 [ permalink ]
Posted: 11 May 2006 00:06 [ permalink ]
[00:01]:Grimpold (nightlife+): no, gay+ is reserved for people from slovania
[00:01]:Dralith (nightlife+): i suppose i should kill you now..
[00:02]:Tackle [nightlife+]: nah, just sweden
[00:02]:Svaba [nightlife+]: but man that was really awful typo Grimpold :D
[00:02]:Tixe [nightlife+]: wasnt that bad
[00:02]:Grimpold (nightlife+): slovenia, slovania who the fuck keeps count on
banana states
Posted: 10 May 2006 21:48 [ permalink ]
       Wondering if the prologue has finished...
Posted: 10 May 2006 21:47 [ permalink ]
[21:47]:Routa (suomi): mitäs tääl vihjaillaa että oisin joku pedofiili!
[21:47]:(suomi): Routa gives suspicious looks to everyone.
[21:47]:Crx [suomi]: ei täälä muuta vihjata ku Routa on hinttari
Posted: 10 May 2006 21:45 [ permalink ]
Tonto (suomi): noni jäitte kiinni!
Tonto (suomi): 5 suomalaista idätetty lapsipornoratsiassa!
Elero [suomi]: eek
Wirah [suomi]: onko se siis lähetetty itään vai ?
Misterr [suomi]: nonni ketkäs mudaajat ei oo tullu pelii
Wirah [suomi]: tai ne siis
Dralith (wanted): expa for offu
Fingust [wanted]: party for tiger spider
Walciz [suomi]: muilutusmatkalle
Elero [suomi]: eikös se baltze ja
Grimpold (suomi): finger gildron
Grimpold (suomi): oho

Routa tells you ':D'
Kohothegreat tells you 'ihmeellistä et routa pelis jos kattoo suomi
Posted: 10 May 2006 21:31 [ permalink ]
[21:28]:Crx [wanted]: Routa=Gaymaster
Posted: 10 May 2006 21:25 [ permalink ]
Haistakaa ny vaa vittu =DDD

23825: Bukh, the son of Oogga           
Posted: 09 May 2006 10:02 [ permalink ]
You are in the village of Hamden, a small collection of thatch-roofed
houses. It looks as though it has fallen on hard times.
 The village has several banners praising Rytmi for saving the village.
Above you is a hot, moving, clear sky. There is a brisk wind.
Obvious exits are: s, e, w, ne and se.
2 copper coins
A Statue of Rytmi
a villager
a villager
a villager
You are prepared to do the skill.
You swing your foot against statue with a brutal force!
Suddenly statue breaks into zillions of pieces.

Perkele, seon kai se kateus =D
Posted: 08 May 2006 11:03 [ permalink ]
Subject: Top Expmakers May01-May08
Date: Mon May 08 09:19:02 2006
Rating: 0 Votes: 0

 No:        Name:      Exp:        %: |  No:        Name:      Exp:        %:
--------- Sorted by expgain ----------+------ Sorted by percentage gain -----
  1:    Delveling  18743110 (  6.89%) |   1:        Routa  12200253 ( 83.47%)
  2:       Nazrix  16522005 (  6.64%) |   2:        Searc   8281659 ( 55.72%)
Posted: 03 May 2006 22:14 [ permalink ]
Your Sword of Clouds fuming celestial light is destroyed.
Might be looking for myname/claimable rocking lblade/axe, preferably one with
long term of payment

Posted: 03 May 2006 08:36 [ permalink ]
Troile tells you 'keta olit ennen birthi ?'

Posted: 02 May 2006 10:15 [ permalink ]
There are no light sources here, but you can still see.
The fresh air leads you to believe these doors lead outside, however they have
been boarded up. Perhaps you could bash them open?
Hp:446/1203 Sp:54/54 Ep:223/402 Cash:5799 Exp:358198 Wt:47 
bash doors
You take a good running start and throw yourself at the doors.
With an earth-shaking *CRASH* you LUNGE through the doors...

...and find your self in thin air sixty meters up.
yfpppssrs  The ground here is a large stretch of broken rock slabs. A vast
yffFFfssr  tower stretches upwards here, reaching over a hundred meters high
pfFF*Ffys  and made of solid black stone. The only entrance you can see is a
ffffffffy  set of double doors, and those are sixty meters up. Above you is a
ffpfppfpy  hot, slowly moving, clear sky. A breeze blows around you.
           Obvious exits are: nw, n, ne, w, e, sw, s and se.
That really HURT!
You wish your wounds would stop BLEEDING so much!
You are no longer stunned.
party say Stun Down
You feel that Searc goes unconscious.
You fall unconscious from the pain.
Hp:-13/1203 Sp:54/54 Ep:223/402 Cash:5799 Exp:358198 Wt:47 
Posted: 01 May 2006 11:30 [ permalink ]
<EgoDrama> Huomenet.
<EgoDrama> vittu että oon vielä humalasa
<EgoDrama> ja kalijaa ois vielä vaikka pellolle levittää
<EgoDrama> Ei se väärin ole.
Posted: 26 Apr 2006 17:31 [ permalink ]
challenge ugg
Zantha exclaims 'Searc shall fight Ugg!'   
Zantha opens the gate and pushes you in.
#######  You are on a vast battle ground. The barbarian arena, built so that
#.*...#  barbarians could challenge others to fights to the death. Along the
#.#.#.#  walls there are several lit torches in rows.
#.....#  Obvious exits are: w and e.
Ugg, feared by pigeons
Ugg exclaims 'FOR GROO!' 
Hp:1203/1203 Sp:54/54 Ep:308/402 Cash:7722 Exp:31015 Wt:27 
You score a CRITICAL hit!
Grinning diabolically you savagely rip Ugg forcing the heart to explode and
then magically implode.
Ugg drops his weapon and begs for mercy!
You shout out in anger 'YOU DARE TO CALL YOURSELF A BARBARIAN!?'
With a swift swing of your weapon Ugg's life is no more.
You have a new reputation title.
   'fumbling combatant'
Posted: 24 Apr 2006 01:48 [ permalink ]
<ettra718> siis ei vittu
<ettra718> meillähän oli nuo juhulahommat perjantaina
<ettra718> niin vitun alakerran jehovat kytänny ja oikeen yksityiskohtasesti
<ettra718> "joo, täällä oli 6 poikaa ja 2 tyttöä, tulivat kahella autolla klo
+18:25 ja lähtivät niillä klo 01:03 pois ja riehuivat vitusti ja nakkelivat
+tupakkeja maahan"
<ettra718> siis eivv
<ettra718> vittu meikää kyylää
<ettra718> ei tuu kellekkään muulle vittuilua mistään
<ettra718> paitsi mulle
<ettra718> varmaanku oon saatananpalvoja
<ettra718> äitille oli käyny tilittään
<ettra718> siis eivv eiss
<ettra718> kyrpii vittu
<ettra718> total fvkk off
<uggffle> aika nauru kyl:(
<ettra718> vittu käyn polttaan niiden asunnona
<ettra718> vitu huorat saatana
<ettra718> ja se on kumma ku ne ei ite kierrä omassa talonyhtiössään
<ettra718> mutta sitten tulee joitaki muita jehovia tähän taloon
<ettra718> ja ne tulee suoraan meiän ovelle jauhaan paskaa
<ettra718> mutta ei kierrä ollenkaan muita asuntoja
<uggffle> ei kai ne tullu muka ovelle urputtaa:D
<ettra718> no oli käyny äitille jotaki selittämässä
<ettra718> siis ei siinä mielessä että lennettäs ulos
<ettra718> vaan ihan vittuillakseen bustaamassa
<ettra718> että meikälle tulis damagea
<ettra718> toisaalta ei äitiä haittaa
<ettra718> ku meikä sano, että "ei täällä ollu possea"
<ettra718> "no siis, ei tietenkään haittaa vaikka oliki"
<uggffle> hehe
<ettra718> ".. mutta älkää 22 aikaan kaatako enää säleikköjä"
<ettra718> repes kyllä
<uggffle> ihme hommaa:)
<ettra718> vitu jehovat
<ettra718> :(
<uggffle> niinpä
<henward> melekosta
<Tonba> :DDD
<Tonba> oikein
Posted: 21 Apr 2006 15:19 [ permalink ]
[15:07]:Crx [suomi]: toi vitun nazrix sai taas jonku kohtauksen ja alkaa
[15:08]:Kerzebel [suomi]: :D
[15:08]:Reima (suomi): [14:47]:Crx [sales]: fuck you nazrix
[15:08]:Nazrix [suomi]: crx on homo
[15:08]:Acidia [suomi]: haha :)
[15:08]:(suomi): Reima agrees with Nazrix fully.
[15:08]:Crx [suomi]: jenkkiläskiäpärä riehuu
[15:09]:[suomi]: Kerzebel nods at Nazrix, 'Yep!'.
[15:09]:Nazrix [suomi]: aura of HÅTAR
[15:09]:Nazrix [suomi]: crx on nubu
[15:09]:Nazrix [suomi]: runkkari
[15:09]:Yoz [suomi]: iteoot
[15:13]:Searc [suomi]: semitää kohtausta saanu, kyl täälläki joku roti pitää
olla ja opettaa nöyryyttä jos huutelee kelle sattuu
[15:14]:Yoz [suomi]: kyl thematrixille sa huudella!
[15:15]:Reima (suomi): saa tottakai huudella. mut turha tääl vinkuu jos se
laittaa punishmenttia
[15:15]:Acidia [suomi]: pelaakse muuten jollain toisella nimellä nykyjään
[15:15]:Yoz [suomi]: nazrix!
[15:15]:Acidia [suomi]: ei oikeesti?
[15:15]:Yoz [suomi]: asma retardi, eri vaatteet
[15:16]:Acidia [suomi]: ei ihmekään ku se vaikutti tutulta
[15:16]:Yoz [suomi]: *sama
[15:16]:Crx [suomi]: Searc soot
[15:16]:Crx [suomi]: Searc puuttuu aina asioihin mistä ei tiedä vittuakaan
[15:16]:Nasu [suomi]: haluatko partyta kanssani? ajattelin että siasta olisi
nyt hyötyä
[15:16]:Ulver [suomi]: tuu nasu beibi ja lahetaa bilettaa
[15:16]:Nasu [suomi]: kiva
[15:17]:Searc [suomi]: noku tollanen tyhjänpäiväne kanavilla mesoominen rupee
[15:17]:Crx [suomi]: mikä sulla ei keittäs näsäviisas paskiainen
[15:17]:Ulver [suomi]: joo keuhkoojille puukko keuhkoon
Posted: 20 Apr 2006 17:41 [ permalink ]
[17:37]:Searc [oulu+]: Kalijaa!;[17:38]:Purse [oulu+]: taas?;[17:38]:Qazar
<oulu+>: huomenna vasta, hyppää pois aikaportaalistasi;[17:38]:Nosay (oulu+):
joko on wappu;[17:39]:Purse [oulu+]: vappuun on yli viikko aikaa;[17:39]:Luggag
e [oulu+]: alkoi eilenpäs;[17:39]:Purse [oulu+]: niin, ainakin predator oli
vappukunnossa:P;[17:39]:Searc [oulu+]: miten niin taas?;[17:39]:Nosay (oulu+):
haalarit päällä saa vaputtaa aina!
Posted: 19 Apr 2006 17:05 [ permalink ]
[17:02]:Entor (sales): Green crystal wand mb3m
[17:02]:Entor (sales): Entor, Pirutar, Searc, Tarli, Krokodiili, Kyo, Dornier,
Blnk and Mithrand
[17:03]:Searc [sales]: oooh, my name even
[17:03]:Searc [sales]: ill check my balance
[17:03]:Kyo (sales): ewww ?ithrand, not going to buy!
[17:03]:Nomiculious [sales]: kyo always parties with mithrand. see
[17:03]:Searc [sales]: yep, i bid 44k 753gold
[17:03]:Kyo (sales): I refuse to believe I have killed reaver with him!
[17:03]:Entor (sales): ok withdrawn =)
[17:04]:Entor (sales): this is special wand coz it has both kyo's and
mithrand's name
[17:04]:Entor (sales): went into my relic collection
[17:04]:Searc [sales]: and searc's don't you dare to forget me! =)
[17:04]:Entor (sales): oh yeah, searc actually tanked reaver

[17:04]:[sales]: Nomiculious forgets about searc.
[17:04]:Searc [sales]: hihi =D
Posted: 19 Apr 2006 00:44 [ permalink ]
[00:40]:Dangergirl [suomi]: ei kyl oo kummakaan että miehet on niin pihalla
sängyssä ku ne kattelee tommosia
Freld [suomi]: elä dangergirl yhtää vingu, ei noi 16kesäsetkää kovi hyviä ole
Freld tells you 'eine tajuu et se homma eio yhtää nii kivaa josse mulukku
 ei liiku siellä pinpissä :C'
Posted: 15 Apr 2006 01:55 [ permalink ]
Jesus tämä mies on pihalla

(01:52) Kerzebel tells you 'lelele'
(01:53) Kerzebel tells you 'jointtia satanolla'
(01:53) Kerzebel tells you 'emmie tiiä mie oo niha vitun kujalla'
(01:54) Kerzebel tells you 'koha toi sais jointin naamaa ni mennää
(01:54) Kerzebel tells you 'eli ny!'
(01:54) Kerzebel tells you 'päiväl vedettii gravitit ja nyt ähä jointtia
(01:54) Kerzebel tells you 'bitt umikä känni pilvi pääl'
(01:54) Kerzebel tells you ':D'
Posted: 13 Apr 2006 20:14 [ permalink ]
<helina> minä en ymmärrä skytin ja searcin valitusta. tehän saisitte melkein
keneltä vain.
Posted: 12 Apr 2006 23:58 [ permalink ]
778428: Ix'ixixiblat the Taguethic, the skeletal Elder Dragon (party of 18)

and no, im not going in again too soon =D
Posted: 12 Apr 2006 00:14 [ permalink ]
tasks 14
Invoked by: Amarth on Wed Apr 12 00:10:12 2006

Task Points to be Awarded: 4
Time Left: Has no time limit.


So, the Legend of the Greatwyrm has suffered a hit, as 18 mortals laid 
his bones to final rest, atleast for..a time. I have decided to award these
brave souls for their courage and interaction, as forming a functional
horde of such caliber is truly exceptional in this Realm of ours.

All of these warriors: Handless, Rocker, Azhuul, Bleezuz, Krokodiili, 
Slobber, Lyriikka, Vesku, Headway, Grimpold, Luupy, Zenick, Zinko, 
Broetchen, Entor, Farliss, Naurava and Searc (in no particular order), 
each and every one of them was awarded four (4) task points.

This was the First time ever Ix'ixixiblat has fallen during all his years.
In earlier era, he wasn't to be found. Even during the later years (since
2003), he had waited for a confrontation by a worthy adversary. Today,
the wait was over.

I trust this won't be the last time.

My congratulations,

Amarth Shadowstring

Posted: 12 Apr 2006 00:08 [ permalink ]
You successfully parry Ix'ixixiblat the skeletal Greatwyrm's kick.
...AND counterattack with ferocity.
Huzzah! Another valiant kill! Well done!
Ix'ixixiblat the skeletal Greatwyrm moves on to happier hunting grounds.
Ix'ixixiblat the skeletal Greatwyrm is DEAD, R.I.P.

 702164: Ix'ixixiblat the Taguethic, the skeletal Elder Dragon    
Posted: 04 Apr 2006 02:49 [ permalink ]
The blood red demon shouts 'THE BLOOD BATH HAS ENDED.'
The demon tells you 'Thank you for participating in the Blood Bath.'
The demon tells you 'I'll grant you 50000 experience for your kills.'

The blood red demon shouts 'And the highest score was made by Nego!'
The blood red demon shouts 'You must be alive and in the game at the end!'
The blood red demon shouts 'The winner is Searc!'
The demon tells you 'Congratulations. You have the highest score of the
 living players that are logged on. You feel more experienced.
 As a reward, I'll give you this potion.'
You have the 'Killer'-rank available until the next Blood Bath.
Congratulations! You have just completed Blood bath!
Peace and order is restored to the world. Stop fighting each other.
Posted: 31 Mar 2006 02:27 [ permalink ]
[02:25]:[nightlife+]: Nina raises an eyebrow at Blayke.
[02:25]:(nightlife+): Delveling cackles gleefully at Blayke.
[02:25]:Delveling (nightlife+): what they dont know cant hurt or ?
[02:25]:Nina [nightlife+]: hey blayke, you came to watch cheerleader practice
and you were READING A BOOK the whole time!
[02:26]:Blayke {nightlife+}: yea well those girls were like 16
[02:26]:Nina [nightlife+]: and also changing clothes under your nose
[02:26]:Blayke {nightlife+}: if i was checking out there shit, i woulda just
been creepy
[02:26]:(nightlife+): Grimpold bitchslaps Blayke on the cheek ...SLAP!!!
[02:26]:Delveling (nightlife+): eww 16 years olds
[02:26]:Delveling (nightlife+): hey daddy....
[02:26]:Nina [nightlife+]: actually youre wrong, the youngest ones were 16,
oldest maybe 22
[02:26]:Blayke {nightlife+}: ooo damn i missed my chance!
[02:26]:Delveling (nightlife+): 21/22 ooo now ya talking
[02:26]:Nina [nightlife+]: too bad.
Posted: 30 Mar 2006 06:40 [ permalink ]
[06:35]:Kerzebel [darkness+]: enpä muista millo oisin jotai tämmöstä dicee
[06:38]:Kerzebel [darkness+]: vittu se on aina että "noni yks outsideri,
dicetääs se ulos, kerze rolls 100" gg mitä voitin, vittu en mitää :D
[06:38]:Kerzebel [darkness+]: sit tulee dice party, kerze rolls 10
[06:38]:Searc [darkness+]: =D
[06:38]:Kerzebel [darkness+]: ok ty plz ty moro
[06:38]:Tatza (darkness+): oo hiljoo sait melkior tomen.. ostan sen 3 megalla
[06:38]:Kerzebel [darkness+]: SIULLE MINEN MYY VITTU MITÄÄ
[06:39]:Kerzebel [darkness+]: pistän salesille sen 1k ja pistän siut ignoree!

Kerzebel [darkness+]: RETIREEN MORO
Posted: 26 Mar 2006 22:04 [ permalink ]
(22:03) @Brog puts her hands on her head like antlers and wiggles them at you.
(22:03) Brog tells you 'siinä sulle hirvi!'
(22:04) Brog tells you 'sano mua hirveksi!'
You tell Brog 'kukkasissa?'
Posted: 25 Mar 2006 23:19 [ permalink ]

And yes, that's what i think about anyone who talks like that
Posted: 25 Mar 2006 22:03 [ permalink ]
Svaba [ghost]: Did pussy killed you Kerzebel? :D :D
Posted: 24 Mar 2006 17:12 [ permalink ]
Blackstar tells you 'searc, you're level 94. At some point you have to
 accept the fact you're a highbie. Like a 30yr old living at home with his
 parents in the basement of his old house: yes you might have anime posters on
 the walls and never get laid, but you are an adult none the less!'
Posted: 22 Mar 2006 14:16 [ permalink ]
[14:10]:Wirah [nightlife+]: well why can't i get any girls then
[14:10]:Blacksmith [nightlife+]: you are in mud all the time?
[14:11]:Wirah [nightlife+]: naah haven't even done anything in here for some
[14:14]:Blacksmith [nightlife+]: you should go to kickboxing in oulu. i know
there is couple realy tight girls there. just beat the crap out of em and ask
if they would like to get some personal couching on that sucky spin kick.
[14:15]:Wirah [nightlife+]: i wonder would it work if i beat them in some
computer game !
[14:15]:{nightlife+}: Nina falls down laughing.
Posted: 20 Mar 2006 18:38 [ permalink ]
[ Excelsior] Searc D'Aerthe the dented member of Tinmen < .x. >

Looking up excelsior from dictionary...
lastuvilla (s): wood-wool, excelsior (Am)

Broetchen shouts 'All hail Searc the mighty (Lastuvilla).'
Posted: 14 Mar 2006 12:51 [ permalink ]
Searc D'Aerthe is a level 2 mortal of the Tinmen race.
He was created Fri Jul 20 22:42:35 2001 and he is 205d, 4h, 36min and 43s old.
He has been on for 49s, not idle.
He forwards mail to another account.
He is the Ranger Lord.
Web page: Lepakon Veteraani - Wannabe / Booned and Greedy Bastard
Phone: 044-2844696
This player has a blog - last modified 15h, 19min and 20s ago. 
>  Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
>  I fear no evil;
>  For I am the meanest one to ever lay feet on this land,
>  thy sword and thy shield,
>  they shall make my path clear.
Posted: 13 Mar 2006 21:29 [ permalink ]
Predator tells you 'ahahahha voi lol oon luvanun kaverille päissää et otetaa
Posted: 11 Mar 2006 23:57 [ permalink ]
[23:54]:Kerzebel [nightlife+]: fucking fw's start to drop now
[23:54]:Searc [nightlife+]: Quickly, run to damogran!
[23:54]:Kerzebel [nightlife+]: fu Villeboi
Posted: 04 Mar 2006 04:21 [ permalink ]
(04:18) Predator tells you 'mitä n ätähän aika tee mudissa'
(04:18) Predator tells you 'voiv ittu'
(04:18) Predator tells you 'vitgun no life!'
You tell Predator 'oot humalassa?'
Predator tells you 'joo'
Predator tells you 'mistä arv asti'
Posted: 03 Mar 2006 13:05 [ permalink ]
[10:05]:[ranger]: Murgan accepts Kenny as an apprentice!
[10:05]:Kenny [ranger]: whee
[10:07]:Murgan [ranger]: I am still able to take 4 apprentices..
[10:07]:Kenny [ranger]: but iam the only one that will make you proud:P
[10:07]:[ranger]: Murgan smiles at Kenny.
[13:03]:Murgan [ranger]: still taking apprentices
[13:04]:Murgan [ranger]: -10% skillcosts when I'm in the room when you train
[13:04]:[ranger]: Searc runs around, jumps up and yells 'Oh me! Me! Pick me!'.
[13:04]:[ranger]: Murgan kneels before Searc for a pat on the head.
[13:04]:[ranger]: Murgan 'hmmmm's for a moment.
[13:04]:[ranger]: Searc pats Murgan on the head.
[13:04]:[ranger]: Murgan goes simply BLAAH.
Posted: 02 Mar 2006 01:19 [ permalink ]
keskustelua pelistä
Shephard sanoo:
[01:01] <Das_Yasha> nonniin ny on jonkinlainen pelissä
[01:03] <Hangman^> millä nimellä?
[01:03] <Das_Yasha> GestapoKääpiö
[01:04] <Hangman^> koeta ny saada vähä leveleitä
[01:05] <Das_Yasha> no tää vissiin tekee kaiken ite vai
[01:05] <Das_Yasha> voiko tässä ylipäänsä tehä yhtään mitään
[01:06] <Hangman^> se muuttuu paljo paremmaksi sitteku sulla o vahvempi hahmo
Shephard sanoo:
[01:06] <Hangman^> jossain level 40 tienoilla
[01:07] <Das_Yasha> aaarrggghhhh
[01:08] <Hangman^> tuliko tiukka tilanne?
[01:08] <Hangman^> varo beer golemeita
[01:09] <Hangman^> jes meikä pääs kauppaan
Shephard sanoo:
[01:09] <Hangman^> 20-30k per itemi kustantaa... ostais ny vittu kalliimpaa
jos vaa löytäis.
[01:10] <Das_Yasha> no kun mitä vitun iloa tästä pelistä on jos ei voi ees
saatana tehä mittää
[01:10] <Das_Yasha> argh
Shephard sanoo:
[01:13] <Hangman^> Girlscouts and porn golems will distract each other with
their disgust, so if you find a porn golem lair, try to lead some girlscouts
to it, then use them as a distraction while you ambush the two groups.
Shephard sanoo:
[01:13] <Hangman^> A similar tactic can be used with boyscouts and beer
golems, but instead of repulsing each other, they will begin dancing in joy at
the sight of each other. 
[01:13] <LilWolf> Voi seurata ukon kehitystä ja v-penis kasvaa levelien myötä
Posted: 28 Feb 2006 02:58 [ permalink ]
[02:43]:Jacen [nightlife+]: crowe coming now?
[02:43]:Crowbar [nightlife+]: ya
[02:44]:Conquer {nightlife+}: and into battle, crowe charges, yelling 'if it
doesnt die, i can just clone the eq for you guys'
[02:44]:Crowbar [nightlife+]: Im not crowe!
Posted: 19 Feb 2006 17:15 [ permalink ]
[17:04]:Searc [lss+]: onpa paska peli, en kelvannu bazilille tankiksi =D
[17:04]:Solarhawk the owl {lss+}: sil on kato jotain standardeja kumminki, ei
se ketä vaan voi ottaa:)
[17:04]:Searc [lss+]: Syöppä paskaa =P
[17:04]:Arafat [lss+]: tappelu
[17:05]:Solarhawk the owl {lss+}: tommosii epämääräsii rangereita, mistä
niistä tietää:)
[17:05]:Searc [lss+]: naah =)
[17:05]:Sephiroth (lss+): kylse mut sit otti :)
[17:05]:Searc [lss+]: Voi vittu =D
[17:05]:Searc [lss+]: tapan teiät kaikki saatana !
[17:08]:Arafat [lss+]: kiihihi searc
[17:09]:Sephiroth (lss+): hum... ketähä mä fingerasin tos äske jota luulin
searciks ja se oli joku 50lvl giantti
[17:09]:Apopapopyy [lss+]: se bazilli
[17:09]:Apopapopyy [lss+]: :D
[17:09]:Sephiroth (lss+): ei ollu pasilli
[17:09]:Arafat [lss+]: se on joku serc tai sarc
[17:09]:Arafat [lss+]: tollaset impostorit tulisi remmata välittömästi
[17:10]:Apopapopyy [lss+]: serc on vanhempi charru kun searc :)
[17:10]:Arafat [lss+]: mut saletisti kädempi
[17:10]:Searc [lss+]: jep, ite oon pelkkä torso
Posted: 19 Feb 2006 17:07 [ permalink ]
[17:06]:Searc [lepo+]: =DDDD 
[17:06]:Searc [lepo+]: VITTUUUU en kelvannu bazilille tankiksi muka, sit se
ottaa jonku sephirothin joka häviää jolleki amdlle areenalla puuh 
[17:06]:Searc [lepo+]: =D 
[17:06]:Tatza (lepo+): :D 
[17:06]:Amd [lepo+]: =D 
[17:06]:Tatza (lepo+): itsehän kieltäydyin menemästä sen mukaan :D 
[17:07]:Arnac (lepo+): tollane basil o vaha eri tason pelaaja, ei kai iha kuka
vaa kelpaa 
[17:07]:Searc [lepo+]: niinpä 
Posted: 14 Feb 2006 18:09 [ permalink ]
[18:00]:Entor (lepo+): tulee sellane predator olo 
[18:00]:Entor (lepo+): kuvittelen et naa kortit o niiq mu enemyitten
[18:00]:Entor (lepo+): sit kuskaan naa aina omaan huoneeseen 
Posted: 11 Feb 2006 16:49 [ permalink ]
The moment you sit on the bed the waitress jumps on top of you! You two go at
it as she has her way with you, after 5 days you finaly manage to escape a
little tired, really sore and all the more wiser. They sure don't make
waitresses like they used to!

You run out the door.
Posted: 11 Feb 2006 03:08 [ permalink ]
You tell Tatza 'vitsi toi krystal steal ois kiva lelu'
Tatza tells you 'mitäs siinon'
Posted: 10 Feb 2006 23:06 [ permalink ]
Stalin had a saying, death solver all the problems, no man -> no problem.

Somehow i have this feeling that i gotta start using it sometime soon
Posted: 09 Feb 2006 22:31 [ permalink ]
[22:29]:Air (sales): medallion of honor for sale
[22:29]:Keho [sales]: slot?
[22:30]:Searc [sales]: help armour medallion or eventually pick a wild guess
Reima tells you 'foot?'
You tell Reima 'jeb, mut molemmat!'
Reima tells you 'no emmä sit voi, mul o sword of wonders toises jalas'

Vois varmaan nukkua ku vähän levoton olo ja nauroin tolle...
Posted: 03 Feb 2006 22:59 [ permalink ]
Entor {party}: mika mies taa o
Entor {party}: taa ggr
Kohothegreat says 'kuka.'
Ggr eats A nice looking flatfish.
Kohothegreat says 'ala syö niit.'
You are prepared to do the skill.
You search around for some materials to make some fishing
After a minute or two you catch a fish!  Fighting hard you
bring the fish to shore.  You have caught a salmon.
hp: 1209 (1209) [] sp: 43 (43) [] ep: 195 (405)
Shar intones in a strong voice 'hraugh'
A glowing yellow mystical symbol appears in the air before Ggr.
Shar grins as his word of blasting hits Ggr.
Ggr spanks Shar making small marks.
You score a CRITICAL hit!
Smiling devilishly you rive Ggr causing heart tissue to fly everywhere.
Ggr lapses into unconsciousness from severe loss of blood.
You miss Ggr.
Smiling devilishly Shar rives Ggr forcing the heart to incinerate.
You hear the horrendous death-cry of the Ggr as it dies.
Ggr is DEAD, R.I.P.
Ggr's corpse is collected by Death, clad in black.
Shar (party): Ggr unconscious!!!!
Entor {party}: --{ ggr went uncons!!! }--
Entor chants with an eerie hollow voice some arcane sounding words.
Nothing seems to happen.
Shar (party): joku kuollu!
Posted: 03 Feb 2006 19:05 [ permalink ]
        Kaikki kiihkouskovaiset
        Väkivaltaiset fanaatikot
        on ihan samaa roskasakkia riippumatta
        jumalan väristä tai nimestä
             (Viidakon vanha sananlasku by Mordac)
Posted: 30 Jan 2006 13:06 [ permalink ]
totesin tuossa että vittu en nuku enää ikinä

näin tosi karua painajaista koko yön, aina ku heräsin tiesin et
 se ei ollu totta mut jos nukahdin uusiksi ni se sama paska jatku. here it
 comes: olin intissä, ja mulla oli vitun kaapin avain mut mun kaappia ei
 löytyny mistään, vaikka mie kuinka juoksin sitä komaniaa läpi ja koitin joka
 vitun kaappiin ni sille ei löytyny oikeeta lukkoa, no mulla oli punkalla vaa
 sarkapuku ja random läjä siviilikamppeita ja aattelin sit et vittu et on wäbä
 ja kysyn joltai et paljo on tarkka ni se oli 75, aattelin et ei saatana
 tähänhän kuolee. sit vaa epätoivosesti sitä kaappia koitin etsiä, ainaku
 heräsin ni hymyilin et siks mulla ei ollu siel kaappia ku oon päässy pois,
 heti ku nukahti, ni se paska alko taas
Posted: 12 Jan 2006 21:49 [ permalink ]
[21:43]:Searc [lepo+]: samapa se missä on ku aattelin hankkua muijan joka
tekis työt =) 
[21:44]:Qazar <lepo+>: oikea asenne, rikkaisiin naimisiin ja mudausta 
[21:44]:Fobbis [lepo+]: mä haluisin sokeen hyvännäkösen rikkaan tyttöystävän,
sais olla mykkäki 
[21:45]:Searc [lepo+]: saat korkeintaa jonku ruman läskin ja kuuron =) 
[21:45]:Qazar <lepo+>: ei kai mykkä sentään, sitten ei voi huutaa 'huuda mun
nimee! ja leveliä!', se vaan mumisis jotain ihmeellistä siihen 
[21:46]:Fobbis [lepo+]: kyl siitä ääntä sais lähtee oon iha varma 
[21:46]:Fobbis [lepo+]: mut jos tökkii takaapäi ja sit vaihtaaki yhtäkkii
pepaan, ni vois väittää et en mä ymmärtäny et tarkotit et sattuu sattuu ei
[21:46]:Qazar <lepo+>: selvästi olet suunnitellu asiaa pitempäänkin 
[21:47]:Fobbis [lepo+]: asun invalidiamiksen vieres 
[21:47]:Fobbis [lepo+]: voi draftailla parvekkeelta bissee juodes 
[21:47]:Tatza (lepo+): ootte sairaita 
[21:47]:Qazar <lepo+>: juu ihan normaalia illanviettoa 
[21:48]:Qazar <lepo+>: 'katos tota proteesia, tonnehan vois pökkiä kans' 
[21:48]:Fobbis [lepo+]: huomenna taas keharit lähtee vkl viettoon, parin
bissen jälkee pääsee harrastaa kinkyä, mut jos o halvaantunu kaulasta
alaspäin, ni tunteekohan ne mitää jos vetää perseeseen 
[21:49]:Tatza (lepo+): :DDDD 
[21:49]:Chamber [lepo+]: vai semmosta 
[21:49]:Searc [lepo+]: hahahahaha 
[21:49]:Mahon [lepo+]: tuntiskoha sun pippelil halvaantumatonkaa 

and few seconds later
Chamber [lepo+]: jospa kavis asentaas hampaaseen suikkapillerin
Posted: 11 Dec 2005 23:19 [ permalink ]
Predator sanoo (irl):
en tunne sua enää! käyt kävelyllä, et lähe maanantaina mestaan, ja jonku
tiinan oot tuonu mukanas ouluun
Posted: 27 Nov 2005 22:40 [ permalink ]
[22:34]:Searc [fodder+]: mikäs c-kielessä piti kirjottaa että pysty kirjottaan
[22:35]:Dazzt [fodder+]: . -merkin? 
[22:35]:Searc [fodder+]: je 
[22:35]:Dazzt [fodder+]: Mihin pitää kirjoittaa 
[22:35]:Dazzt [fodder+]: Tulostaa ruudulla vai siis mitä meinaat 
[22:36]:Searc [fodder+]: pitäs määritellä tiedoston nimi, mutta herjaa tuota
pistettä tuolla 
[22:36]:Dazzt [fodder+]: Ei pisteellä oo mitään erityismerkitystä
[22:36]:Searc [fodder+]: vinkuu tuota että txt on undeclared, nooh kusetan
tota sit ja käsken käyttäjää syöttään sen nimen ni pääsen siitäki 
[22:37]:Dazzt [fodder+]: Taidat kädettää ihan muuta, kumminkin puuttuu "" sen
filenameen ympäriltä tms 
[22:37]:Searc [fodder+]: koitin niitäki kyllä mut niin varmasti kädetänki =) 
[22:38]:Searc [fodder+]: vaan niinku sanottu ni säädin vähä ni ei oo enää mun
[22:38]:Dazzt [fodder+]: Kai tää nyt on joku koulujuttu eikä mikään oikea
systeemi, ettei tarvitse huolestua :P 
[22:38]:Searc [fodder+]: aaahahaha vittu 
[22:38]:Searc [fodder+]: koulujuttu, eiku battiin koodaan uutta areaa 
[22:39]:Searc [fodder+]: selvis se vitu vikaki =D esittelyssä koitin tunkee
tota nimeä tonne, nukkuminenhan se ois kivaa 
[22:39]:Geryon (fodder+): searc tekee microsoftin seuraavan käyttöjärjestelmän
Geryon (fodder+): tai sony bm:n kopiointisuojauksen
Posted: 27 Nov 2005 16:10 [ permalink ]
Naiset lämmitetään kuumailmapuhaltimella tai sitten mikrossa. Avoliekkiä ei
kuitenkaan suositella
Posted: 27 Nov 2005 04:41 [ permalink ]
Mikähän saatana siinä on että ku tuntuu että aurinko ei voi enää himmeämmäksi
muuttua, tulee pilvi ja peittää sen kokonaan?
Onneksi päivänsäteitä on olemassa
Posted: 27 Nov 2005 04:08 [ permalink ]
You sing 'There are men, underground'
You sing 'Who have never seen the sun'
You sing 'But they really know how to party'
You sing 'Little men from underground'
You sing 'Who have never seen the sun'
You sing 'But they really know how to party'

You sing 'They raise their wooden pints and they yoik and sing' 
You sing 'And they fight and dance 'till the morning'

You sing 'Tables full, reindeer meat'
You sing 'And the camp fire shines and the brick walls are full of candles'
You sing 'Tables full, wooden pints'
You sing 'They don't care about their sins'
You sing 'They just wanna get drunk and party'

You sing 'Long war is now past'
You sing 'Only good men have lasted'
You sing 'They need women, meat, beer and rom'
You sing 'Fight battle full of blood no thoughts about god they just
slaughtered killed and tormented'
Posted: 26 Nov 2005 15:21 [ permalink ]
Searcci sanoo:
vituttaa ni pitää lääkitä
teemu sanoo:
mikä nyt vituttaa
Searcci sanoo:
pitkä juttu
Searcci sanoo:
kuhan ny aina välillä vähän
teemu sanoo:
mulla on aikaa,ollaan jiukin luona ku kävästiin tivolissa mutka eilen nii ei
päästä vielä ranualle ku pitää saaha auto jukalle käyttöön
teemu sanoo:
ja pitää saaha samuli ulos putkasta
Searcci sanoo:
teemu sanoo:
sanoppa muua
Posted: 11 Nov 2005 12:43 [ permalink ]
Warlord shouts 'Thanks Delveling, I still need 5k for next level!'
Ghost of Delveling (ghost): man this sucks ass
Ghost of Delveling (ghost): ress agaoin
Dralith {ghost}: stop dying a n00b
Ghost of Delveling (ghost): you are the noob im comparison to me :)
Ghost of Delveling (ghost): well any ress this time , since i didnt ask dd :)
Dralith {ghost}: only by exp..
Ghost of Delveling (ghost): nah i know far more about game then you do too
Dralith {ghost}: sure ya do
Desert (ghost): ouch
Ghost of Delveling (ghost): there is nothing you better me on
Ghost of Delveling (ghost): someone gimme that ress ?
Chorale the owl ghost: no one
Posted: 28 Oct 2005 17:17 [ permalink ]
(17:15) Darol tells Susette and you 'eikö teistä kumpikaa pääse baariin!'
(17:16) Susette tells Darol and you 'ei jaksa baareja vanhus enää'
(17:16) Darol tells Susette and you 'no ku tarviitte id :D'
(17:16) Susette tells Darol and you 'gnnnn'
(17:16) Susette tells Darol and you 'tuuppas daroli id tää eky'
(17:16) Darol tells Susette and you 'tulisin toki mut mul ei oo spellei,
 juttui vaa :)'
Posted: 26 Oct 2005 08:04 [ permalink ]
[22:27]:En Torso {reapers+}: niiq wtf =) 
[22:44]:En Torso {reapers+}: You watch with selfpride as your blast vacuum
hits Golden Helm. 
[22:44]:En Torso {reapers+}: Suddenly Golden Helm breaks into zillions of
[22:44]:En Torso {reapers+}: RAHAA ON! 
[22:44]:Chamber [reapers+]: wtf?` 
[22:45]:Umbar [reapers+]: nukkusit välillä :/ 
[22:45]:En Torso {reapers+}: =D 
Posted: 19 Oct 2005 07:51 [ permalink ]
Arafat tells  and you 'viitkiö relooa ja sumapta trucido'
t * ei oo ku 1 navi kyl =P
You tell  (monster) and Arafat 'ei oo ku 1 navi kyl =P'
Posted: 01 Oct 2005 19:31 [ permalink ]
Tää on ommattu sulle... =D XD hihi

Mitä hienoa on 10v kuorotytössä?
Sen voi kääntää ympäri ja kuvitella et se on 9v kuoropoika...
Posted: 01 Oct 2005 19:25 [ permalink ]
(19:12) X tells you 'toi on vaa kade'
(19:12) X tells you 'sain viime yönä kisakireeltä 15v:ltä'
(19:12) X tells you 'kyllä'
(19:12) X tells you 'täytti 15v 3vko sit =P'
(19:13) X tells you 'nii o '
(19:13) X tells you 'mut KIREE'
(19:14) X tells you 'sepä se'
(19:15) X tells you 'no tota'
(19:16) X tells you 'tossa vuos sit kesällä panin 13v ...'
(19:16) X tells you 'oon'
(19:16) X tells you 'mut olin vasta 17v sillo!'
(19:18) X tells you 'reikä se o variksellaki ,)'
(19:18) X tells you 'et vittu blogita'
(19:18) X tells you 'hei nyt rauhotu saatana !'
(19:18) X tells you 'teen pelistäs helvettii muute!!!'
(19:18) X tells you 'no sit näät! :P'
(19:19) X tells you ':'
(19:19) X tells you 'no pistä nimettömänä sit =P'
(19:20) X tells you 'mut älä pliis pistä tota 13v tapausta, noi pari
 tunnistaa heti kuka se oli =P'
(19:20) X tells you 'pistä että X tells you :P'
Posted: 01 Sep 2005 22:00 [ permalink ]
[21:38]:Keat [reapers+]: onks joku tosi hyvä ratkoo puhelinnumeroita 
[21:38]:Keat [reapers+]: vähä niiq et kenelle qluu 
[21:38]:Keat [reapers+]: tai minkä virman vaihde ja sillee 
[21:39]:Keat [reapers+]: ku joku MULQ SOITTI 2:AHDESTI 
[21:39]:Searc [reapers+]: se 118 jätkä o aika haka 
[21:39]:Keat [reapers+]: no emmä voi soittaa sinne ku jos toi soittaa sillo ni
on varattu ja se tietää et oonki puhelimen ääres, HERÄÄ 
[21:39]:Searc [reapers+]: oot hysteerinen 
[21:39]:Keat [reapers+]: ja oon toistaseks teeskennelly et oon kävelyl 
[21:39]:Fimir [reapers+]: ja pistät numeron viestinä find "insert number here"
ja numeroo 15400 vai mikä se o 
[21:39]:Keat [reapers+]: kokeilin jo eniroo ja zed finderii 
[21:39]:Chamber [reapers+]: ne on niitä jotka haluaa sun numeros luetteloon,
mikä se nyt oli fonecta 
[21:39]:Chamber [reapers+]: taikka supo, jompikumpi 
[21:40]:Qazar <reapers+>: 16400 auttaa 
[21:40]:Keat [reapers+]: ei auttanu 
[21:40]:Searc [reapers+]: kuitenki ootat innoissas et joku muija soittaa mut
sun pitää selittää sille et olit kävelyl ku et viitti sanoa et no sori mudasin
ja oli jännä kohta 
[21:40]:Qazar <reapers+>: sitten oot kusessa, parasta hypätä sillalta tai se
soittaa uudestaan 
[21:40]:Searc [reapers+]: se toimii kans et soitat takas ja kysyt et
[21:40]:Keat [reapers+]: no emmä iha syyttä mudaa 
[21:41]:Keat [reapers+]: mitä josse onki joku jonka tunnen, vittu vähä ois
[21:41]:Searc [reapers+]: sanot et ohhoh joku kateellinen paska vissii
poistanu siun numeron miun puhelimesta no tsihi mitä sulle kuuluu jnejne 
[21:42]:Keat [reapers+]: mut se oli joku palvelunumero tai jotai ni KUKA
SAATANA SOITTAA puol kymmeneltä (kahdesti) 
[21:42]:Searc [reapers+]: lehtimyyjä 
[21:42]:Fimir [reapers+]: naapurin pulleahko 53v leskityttönen se siellä
pommittaa ku nähnyt sut alasti mudaamassa monitorin valossa... 
[21:42]:Qazar <reapers+>: sun pitäis käydä välillä pihalla jos puhelinsoitto
pistää noin kovaan hysteriaan :) 
[21:42]:Keat [reapers+]: mul o aina sälekaihtimet 
[21:42]:Searc [reapers+]: mulle on soittanu radiolinjan puhelinlinjamyyjä
7!!aikaan LAUANTAIAAMUNA ku oli hirvee JYSÄRI! 
[21:42]:Keat [reapers+]: no ei mulle kukaa koskaa soita ni arvaa onks iso
juttu tämmöne?? 
[21:43]:Keat [reapers+]: vähä ku sais kirjekuoren missä ei oo lähettäjää ja
joku on unohtanu pistää kirjeen sisään 
[21:43]:Keat [reapers+]: nii paitsi et toissapäivänä yks parin vuoden takanen
tuttu soitti illal mu emmä sillekää kyl vastannu 
[21:44]:Keat [reapers+]: soitti kyl varmaa kännipäissää väärää numeroo, ois se
varmaa soittanu uudestaa tai pistäny viestin jos sil ois ollu oikeesti asiaa. 
[21:44]:Keat [reapers+]: saatana 
[21:44]:Keat [reapers+]: taidan pistää valot pois jos soittaja on talon edessä
ni näkee et oon kotona 
[21:44]:Keat [reapers+]: vittu
[21:45]:Qazar <reapers+>: ei pidä syödä kaikkia pillereitä mitä nurkista
[21:46]:Keat [reapers+]: kävin kusel ja keksin yhden skenaarion lisää 
[21:46]:Keat [reapers+]: mitä josse oliki puhelinkopin numero 
[21:46]:Keat [reapers+]: ties kui tärkee soittoi ois ollu oh dear 
[21:46]:Keat [reapers+]: mut ei semmosii enää varmaa ees oo? 
[21:55]:Keat [reapers+]: rohkaistuin ja soitin 118 
[21:55]:Keat [reapers+]: joku vitun kempos aluevartiointi siilinjärvi (mitä
Posted: 24 Aug 2005 12:36 [ permalink ]
(12:33) Wermine tells you 'näin hienoo unta'
(12:33) Wermine tells you 'että ostin kyolta 250k:lla spider amun'
(12:33) Wermine tells you 'sit otti päähän ku oli spider amu nimettömänä ja
tyra amu nimellisenä'
Posted: 25 Jul 2005 23:54 [ permalink ]
[23:52]:Grimpold {suomi}: "on lottovoitto syntya suomeen"
[23:53]:Darol (suomi): mistähän sais toisen et pääsis pois :D
Posted: 25 Jul 2005 18:17 [ permalink ]
Posted: 25 Jul 2005 17:16 [ permalink ]
[14:55]:Keat [reapers+]: juo kaliaa 
[14:55]:Max Hardcore (reapers+): ei kykene koskemaan enää tuplapukkiin :P 
[17:13]:Mauno [reapers+]: onpa hienot lasit maikol naitin pomol 
[17:14]:Keat [reapers+]: iha rumat kuitenki 
[17:14]:Mauno [reapers+]: rumuus on katsojassa 
[17:14]:Mauno [reapers+]: tai mite se menikää se sanalasku 
[17:15]:Keat [reapers+]: sananlasku mauno, sananlasku 
[17:15]:Mauno [reapers+]: sanallasku oikeesti kyl 
[17:15]:Mauno [reapers+]: mut ookki tollane hesalaine 
[17:15]:Mauno [reapers+]: tsori, stadilaine 
[17:16]:Keat [reapers+]: ni, vittu ku pöndet osaa ees puhuu 
[17:16]:Hurin [reapers+]: keattiha taida es asuu susirajan sisäl! 
Posted: 19 Jul 2005 21:42 [ permalink ]
You are prepared to do the skill.
You cut across and down with your weapon, aiming for Angelina's neck!
Immediately following the death of Angelina, Searc takes
slices off all of Angelina's limbs and tosses
them into a large pile.
You cackle evilly.
Angelina dies in a massive fit of convulsions.
Angelina is DEAD, R.I.P.
A second later, the severed head also hits the ground.
Posted: 17 Jul 2005 01:08 [ permalink ]
  Reels   [ =*= ]    [ =*= ]    [ =*= ]    [ =*= ]    [ =*= ]

You have nothing in your hand. You lose your bet.

The reels score the partial JACKPOT of 302564 gold coins!
You can hear Searc bathing in a big pile of coins!
Posted: 14 Jul 2005 19:16 [ permalink ]
[19:15]:Morthius [wanted]: 2 x bloody hangot, mortar leggings, spiritual
Posted: 02 Jul 2005 14:58 [ permalink ]
Apocalypse is DEAD, R.I.P.
Shar (party): Kerzebel tells Viko and you 'mikä questi tää o ? :D'
Shar (party): Viko tells Kerzebel and you 'zomg :S'
Shar (party): Kerzebel tells Viko and you 'horsehead?'
Shar (party): :DDDDD
Posted: 11 Jun 2005 18:48 [ permalink ]
| 1196341: the black reaver is here searching for his prey                   
|   24756: amazon warrior Opal thinking dark thoughts                        
|   26602: amazon warrior Lily looking worried                               
|   68678: amazon warrior Luna planning a rescue mission                     
|   68706: amazon warrior Anya is sitting silently                           
|   84262: amazon warrior Tara is considering about slaughtering the orcs of 
|  653400: amazon princess Tigra is looking mightier than ever               
Posted: 01 Jun 2005 00:09 [ permalink ]
You just gained 18 style points in Shadow Sabres guild. 
You lift the Battle axe of the Vikings from the chest and you know 
immediately that this weapon is a very good and valuable artifact. 
Radical powers have arrived in the world as Searc lifts a powerful artifact, a
weapon of true viking power, a Battleaxe of the Vikings! A hush comes over 
the city as Searc shouts 'Shiver, mortals!' 
Posted: 30 May 2005 20:17 [ permalink ]
Dag dag schwingenator visciously smashes Hurin in the face, breaking the nose,
  ...strikes Hurin in the throat, demolishing the windpipe, THEN SUDDENLY...
  ...grinds his heel into Hurin's chest, cracking the ribs, THEN SUDDENLY...
  ...kicks Hurin square in the knee, exploding ligament and bone, THEN
  ...quickly strikes Hurin in the head, crushing the skull.
Hurin lapses into unconsciousness from severe loss of blood.
Hurin loses the privilege to live.
Hurin is DEAD, R.I.P.
Dag Dag Schwingenator shouts 'Hurin just made my day!'
Posted: 28 May 2005 21:10 [ permalink ]
568765: Llyth, the demon queen of spiders
1235153: the black reaver is here searching for his prey
711416: amazon princess Tigra is looking mightier than ever  
Posted: 27 May 2005 21:55 [ permalink ]
You successfully parry Blur's pierce.
...AND counterattack with ferocity.
Huzzah! Another valiant kill! Well done!
Blur moves on to happier hunting grounds.
Blur is DEAD, R.I.P.

First time i saw riposte do even damage...
Posted: 27 May 2005 21:35 [ permalink ]
*** [party]: toi kerzebeli on kyllä yks vitun idiootti
Posted: 27 May 2005 21:33 [ permalink ]
Oogga shouts 'Hail Nuane for giving me an honorable barbarian death!'
You killed a guildmaster. You are banished from the knights' guild for 7 days.
You have broken the knight's code and are banished for 7 days.
Reason: Killed a guildmaster
At the end of this time, to re-enter the guild, you must pay compensation
equal to 43400 gold coins.
Posted: 22 May 2005 11:36 [ permalink ]
(11:35) Malag tells you 'näin painajaista viime yönä =/'
(11:35) Malag tells you 'olin sun partissa ja failasin ihan vitusti ja jätkä
 hermostu ja nauro mulle ja levitit koko mudiin tietoa että meikä on ihan
 ja hyödytön :('
Posted: 14 May 2005 13:54 [ permalink ]
Fobbis [party]: perä reikää kirveltää ja sieltä lentää sellasta
salaattikastikkeen näköstä vähä läpinäkyvää juttua paineella ku äkistää
Arnac (party): too much info fobbis
Fobbis [party]: oonks mä kertonu teille mitä on kakkage
Posted: 14 May 2005 13:41 [ permalink ]
 380998: Kraxthrax, commander of the orcish horde            

 1349326: Baal-Naygash            
Posted: 08 May 2005 22:17 [ permalink ]
Drifter [reapers+]: paskiaiset, kukaa ei muistuttanu et tänää pitäs soittaa
Posted: 14 Apr 2005 18:09 [ permalink ]
(18:07) Arafat tells you 'moro, ootpa tullu hiipieksi tän kuluneen vuoden
aikana, jona kävin kaljalla :P'
Posted: 02 Apr 2005 22:13 [ permalink ]
 979765: Tsapharani the Iron Golem            
Posted: 20 Mar 2005 23:05 [ permalink ]
Septium [reapers+]: ui saatana.. valaistus.. heldi kädellä voi haboo!
Posted: 20 Mar 2005 18:05 [ permalink ]
Keat [reapers+]: kaliaa
Keat [reapers+]: en kyl taida juoda enää hetkee kaliaa
Keat [reapers+]: kattelin tänää peilist enkä varmaa panis itteeni kyl
Keat [reapers+]: pitäs varmaa vähä kaventua
Posted: 27 Feb 2005 17:31 [ permalink ]
Kerzebel tells you 'h0h0'
Kerzebel tells you 'dreami poika vaan ,)'
Kerzebel tells you 'lollaan nikoa peppuun'
Kerzebel tells you 'miteköhä, jos tota boysenia joku potkasis päähä niin
 heräisköhä se koomastaan :D'
Kerzebel tells you 'homo, misreply'

Jesus tää mies on sekasi
Posted: 15 Dec 2004 17:27 [ permalink ]
Zinko [party]: suosittelen kokeilemaan esmees humalaisen myrkullin kimin
kanssa lentaa citalla
Nemi [party]: hahaaa :D
Kyo (party): eipä oo myrkullikaa hetkee pelannu
Zinko [party]: vaitho peli
Kyo (party): muistanku kuola value kahtoin sen defenderia
Kyo (party): vittu pippeli ois vuode pystys jossais ite sellase vehkee
Shar (party): vittupippelihä se eniten rulesi
Zinko [party]: antasit kuitenkin pippelis vaihdossa
Kyo (party): antasin mitä tahansa claimablesta
Zinko [party]: kun kivekset ei riittas
Posted: 11 Dec 2004 02:26 [ permalink ]
Muuten vaan tylyä poimintaa

[02:20]:Koan [suomi]: itken... jätkä jätti 19 marraskuuta.. seuraavana päivänä
ois tullut 1kk ja 2 viikkoa täyteen :'(

[02:23]:Gore <suomi>: ei kannata kiusata - nuorilla ihmisillä on nuoret
huolet. Toisin kuin meillä, me itketään vain kun tulee paha tune tai equt

[02:16]:Mordac <suomi>: pitäsköhän tehdä joku
 jossa ei ois kuin yksi sivu jossa FAQ - surviving as a preteen
Posted: 11 Dec 2004 02:25 [ permalink ]
Keke tilittää: ...

[02:15]:Kerzebel [suomi]: Niinjuu, asiaan. Ite oon myös 13, alkuvuodesta 14 ja
tässä neljänsistä menkoistani kärsimässä. En ole kokeillut tamponeja kun en
jaksa.. Pitäisi varmaan joskus kokeilla sormella, luulisi sitten tamponinkin

[02:23]:Kerzebel [suomi]: et mie tykkään kahesta pojasta ihan älyttömasti, ja
kumpiki tykkää musta mut en tiijä kumman kaa haluisin alkaa.. ku ne kumpiki
kysyy kokoajan..
[02:24]:Kerzebel [suomi]: mut toinen aij asu samalla paikkakunnalla ja toinen
asuu.. se joka asuu muualla siitä mä tykkään enemmän ja se on vuotta vanhempi
mut kumpi? :/

Kerzebel [suomi]: mä en tiä miten otetaan suihin... :( ku se juttu ois nyt
 lähellä... ni voisko joku kertoo? pitääkö sillon käyttää kortsua??mitä pitää
 suomi tehdä??
Posted: 27 Nov 2004 04:18 [ permalink ]
[04:15]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: IMMMA OWN ´GHOS TCHANNELl
[04:15]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: IMMMA OWN ´GHOS TCHANNELl
[04:15]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: IMMMA OWN ´GHOS TCHANNELl
[04:15]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: IMMMA OWN ´GHOS TCHANNELl
[04:15]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: IMMMA OWN ´GHOS TCHANNELl
[04:15]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: IMMMA OWN ´GHOS TCHANNELl
[04:15]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: IMMMA OWN ´GHOS TCHANNELl
[04:15]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: IMMMA OWN ´GHOS TCHANNELl
[04:16]:Tomba <ghost>: ...
[04:16]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: hey tomba!!!!!!!!
[04:16]:Xyloid [ghost]: drunk? :)
[04:16]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: fuck nooo
[04:16]:Dornier [ghost]: nah, a swede
[04:16]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: swedesa are list his aalya
[04:16]:Zard [ghost]: found some shrooms grown in backyard
[04:16]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: w_ shrooms
[04:17]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: Tomba mitä on KAMIKAZE
[04:17]:The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: SAATANA vittu svenska pojkar
The shattered remains of Gotrek {ghost}: YAYYYAYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa
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Baron Pain [reapers+]: Hei jos voisitte harrastaa jonkii fantasiaolennon kans
 seksiä ni minkä kanssa harrastaisitte
Baron Pain [reapers+]: Mudarit on homoja
[reapers+]: Stargazer 'hmmmm's for a moment.
Stargazer [reapers+]: nymfin?
Possukka (reapers+): pokemonin se pieni keltane!
Lord Search [reapers+]: hmm, sellasen nätin haltianaisen tai nymfin
Baron Pain [reapers+]: !!!
Max Hardcore {reapers+}: lich!
Stargazer [reapers+]: joo toinen ois kyllä haltianainen
Baron Pain [reapers+]: Toi Possun vastaus sai miut sekasin :D
Posted: 02 Nov 2004 20:56 [ permalink ]
Searc [party]: ainii septi muute, joku tyyppi oli tradeemas serpentynee
backrow stuffiin ni päätettii fobbiksen kans tradee sut, alkaen ens
Amd [party]: joo septium on ihan hyvä tradee serppaa... :)
Stargazer [party]: serppa hajoo harvemmin ku sepi :D
Septium [party]: onneksi ette sentään sow tai slenduun vaihtanu.. :/
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Gitador is unconscious and needs immediate medical care
Blood pours from Gitador's wounds.

With reflexes almost impossibly quick you dive in front of Gitador,
blocking some of the spelleffect!
(out of battle)
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Captnapalm {party}: oliha kokemus seki, mut danke ja moi
Amd [party]: hihi... virtuaali kiksejä newbojen kans... :)
Posted: 08 Oct 2004 05:39 [ permalink ]
Viko says 'vihaan sinua shacul'
Viko [party]: miusta tulee isona shacul
Posted: 08 Oct 2004 05:27 [ permalink ]
(05:24) *** tells you 'reproductable'
Posted: 08 Oct 2004 05:23 [ permalink ]
party report < Armour of Aether DOWN > [78:20]
Searc [party]: jep, yhden reproducaple tavan oon löytäny ja reportannu
Captnapalm {party}: helppo sana oli klo5.20 tuo
Searc [party]: no en osannu keksii suomenkielistäkään sanaa tähä aikaan enää
Captnapalm {party}: suomenkielisestä olisin menny tajuttomaks
Posted: 08 Oct 2004 03:55 [ permalink ]
Captnapalm {party}: sit koht nukkumaa, katoin jo pkillsistä et oltii tapettu
Posted: 26 Sep 2004 20:15 [ permalink ]
[19:49]:Grimreaper (reapers+): 'nykyää ei muut bardit pääse tekee ekua ku
searc ajaa 24/7 :CCC' 
Posted: 24 Aug 2004 17:28 [ permalink ]
You draw doorframes in the air and utter 'prtolala offf pwerrrr' 
You create a dimension door. 
A dimensional rift appears. 
A dimension door appears. 
Svaba arrives. 
Violetfire arrives.