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30 Sep 2018 18:59
I wrote down 10th most experienced players' totals from each race (from
"known races" tables). Hypothesis behind this comparison is that more
popular race attracts more players and while individual highbies might
sometimes reinc to 'weak' races, top 10 players of the race gives better
picture how popular and 'in tune' the race is.
There are still some caveats, the list includes inactive players gone for years
(races might have been tuned since) and wizard test characters. Anyways:

Draconian: 1.13G
Lich: 980M
Barsoomian: 942M
Duck: 870M
Thrikhren: 675M

Titan: 666M
Shadow: 657M
Vampire: 541M
Ent: 505M
Wolfman: 469M
Troll: 468M
Gnoll: 450M
Centaur: 447M
Leprechaun: 447M
Elf: 443M

Sprite: 432M
Tinman: 406M
Valar: 369M
Orc: 361M
Giant: 360M
Minotaur: 352M
Human: 332M
Catfolk: 300M
Drow: 261M
Gnome: 234M
Lizardman: 210M

Satyr: 205M
Ogre: 195M
Demon: 190M
Zombie: 163M
Dwarf: 136M
Merfolk: 123M
Brownie: 76M
Hobbit: 72M
Penguin: 70M
Kobold: 54M

Moomin: 49M
Cyclops: 47M
Gargoyle: 39M
Skeleton: 22M
Cromagnon: 22M
Leech: 20M
Duergar: 0 (only 5 players, lowest 9M)
Doppelganger: no data

Not qualified to do much commentary but no surprise that best rebirth races
dominate the list as top players gravitate to them. On the other hand some
rebirth races place poorly. Races popular with lowbie/midbie tanks don't do as
well here as one might expect as the highbies would rather choose unique assets
of the Draconian, Barso or Titan.
I'm surprised to see Ent placed so high despite all the talk that the race
'doesn't work'. Otoh I would have expected Brownie to be much higher. No
surprise to anyone that Cromagnon sucks, a model example of a race overtuned to

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