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08 Feb 2019 12:00
For years it has lied dormant... slumbered...
rested... feasted on memories and dreams of events past...
forgotten... waiting for its time to come...
for a time to awaken once more!

It's.. it's.. it's BatMUD's 30th anniversary party!

x x x

Now, BatMUD won't celebrate its 30th anniversary until April 2020,
but we will soon commence the event planning. At this time we would
like you to reminisce on past events and give us your honest thoughts
on what worked, what didn't and how we can make the next event
an even greater success.

If you have previously attended one of our anniversary parties, or if
you are considering attending the one next year, please give us your
thoughts at: _OR_

There's 27 questions in total - though many are optional - and
filling it in should take 10-15 mins max.

The feedback is reasonably anonymous and we'll process it in aggregate
form. None of the questions should be taken as a promise (or a threat)
to do or not do something - we'll only use it as background material
for the event planning.

Many thanks for helping us make BatMUD's 30th anniversary our best
anniversary party ever.

++ Gore

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