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01 Apr 2019 15:11
"Okay, fine, we're back. I hope you'r*rrrrrrr*e happy."
"Hell, yeah! This place is great!"
"Whatever. Soak it all in, we're leaving as soon as I *rrrrrr* pick up some of
that stuff with the mint in it."
"Wh-what? No, we gotta, you know, stick around? Give quests and stuff?"
"No, no, we did that once, it was the big Halloween thing, and I'm done with
"Don't make me get the card!"
*sigh* "Fine. One week."
"A month."
"Two weeks."
"Done. And we should push back the deadline for those prizes, too."
"NO. Foot down time on that one. They expire in October, end of story."
"Well if you do that, I'm cutting the prize costs in half. That's fair,
"Knock your*rrrrrrrrr*self out. Okay, here we go! April Fool's Day Event!
Wubba lubba dub dub!"

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