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BatMUD Forums > Inform > the doomed expedition of ser galwynd (part i)

07 May 2019 16:35
Winter was upon them and ser galWynd shuddered as the icy gales of
the northern steppes chilled him to the bone. With each step his
mood grew darker and his pace slower.

Before him was an endless barren land and whAtever settlements might
once have been had long since crumbled. Thirty years he had spent
chasing heathens, Outlaws and monsters, but never before had he
ventured this far from the comforts of aRelium in his pursuit.

Galwynd steeled his resolve and focused on the task at hand / his
prey could not be much further ahead. Thirty men he had buried in
sHallow graves during this cursed expedItion, killed by the
otherwoRldly beasts and dangers that lurked in the sTorm and behind
everY rock and obstacle on his path.

"they were Good men, all of them. may lAs have mercy on their souls",
he thought to himseLf. "and may he have mercy on my soul too, should
i falter before my task is complete".

above him, the minions of heliAna watched the expedition push
onwards towards its impending doom.

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